Papal Visit – A Turning Point For UK Christians

The arrival of the Pope on UK shores has given a much needed spiritual lift to the nation which has been increasingly viewed abroad by its Catholic neighbours as the bad boy of Europe flirting with if not all out atheism then at least some form of agnosticism that leaves no room for God. The crowds who turned out for Benedict VI were surprisingly devout and eager for the loving grace of God and saw in the shape of the Holy Father a direct link to that. It has also allowed some good Christians to appear on our news screens promoting the good news, something that rarely happens at any other time.

The Parable of the Talents – A Simple Application for Today

The parable of the talents is one of Jesus parables that he shared while He was on this earth. Whilst it is easy to understand, often preachers fail to give us modern applications of it so that we can fully understand it. Today I am going to open the parable of the talents up a little.

Who Defines Success?

The word is as slippery and slithery as a wet fish, and means different things to different people. Our personal values are shaped by our family and society. And in that moulding process there is a range of influences. Western societies have high socio-economic values, and the closer you conform to these and acquire a high-status job, a lovely home, a family, cars and yachts, a second home by the lake, and whatever other trappings, then we’re beginning to reach success! (Or are we?) Your peers will congratulate you on having reached a pass mark in this mysterious entity – success.

Bible Lesson – Give These a Shot During Your Next Children’s Liturgy

Having trouble coming up with Sunday school ideas? Use these activities, which easily coincide to other Bible lessons.

Worship! Is It An Alabaster Flask Or A Rose?

Worship is an amazing place to live in, it is a different world to the world we live in, it is because worship allows us to get more and more like God when we spend more time with him. It allows us to know God more. So today the question that I pose is Worship more like an alabaster flask or a rose, think about it!

How to Identify If “Blessings” Are Genuine Or a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Genesis 12 is very appropriate in today’s economic times. God told Abram to leave his country of Haran and set out for the land that God was going to give him. Abram moved, but allowed his own worries to lead him to make poor decisions. Although Abram was treated well, he was still disobedient. Let’s look at this scenario a little deeper to see how it can help us deal with this economy.

Attending Sunday School Lessons

God has always played a major role in society and it is good to let your children know about His glory. If you want to do that, then Sunday school lessons are your best bet!

Love Is A Choice

If you are born again, the love of God has been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit as stated in Romans 5: 5 of the Bible. That means you have the inherent capacity to love as God does.

Sunday School Curriculum – Get Your Kids Involved With Bible Activities

It might seem an impossible task trying to get your children’s church class to remember the lesson you covered. However, when you incorporate games and snacks into your Sunday school curriculum that coincide with the lessons you’re teaching, you’re helping to reiterate that lesson in your students’ minds.

Why Yom Kippur Is the Most Important Day of the Year

No matter where you are on your faith journey you need to know the essential and fascinating picture this holiday paints about God’s grace and the power of forgiveness. Learn why the festival is all about hope and how you can incorporate its elements of love and mercy into your daily life.

Leaving the Church

Why are people reluctant to leave a bad church? I can speculate and theorize why people are reluctant and be far from the reason why.

The End of the World, What to Look for

The Age is winding down. Satan is the God of this world. The Seven-Horned Beast with Crowns on his head is in charge of the natural realm. Even so, he cannot do anything that God does not allow him to do. And when we think about what God allows him to do we must take into consideration the whole theology of the Bible and the New Testament.

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