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The Power of Prayer and Miracle Healing in Christianity


The Power of Prayer and Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is a monotheistic religion, based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is estimated to have around 2.38 billion followers.

One of its most important aspects is the power of prayer. This is linked to the proclamation of the Christian gospel. Prayer also plays an important role in the redemptive praxis of the Church. Evangelical Christianity has developed a strong tradition of prayer.

A recent statement issued by the Fundamentalist Movement in America suggests that evangelicals from the global south have a unique role to play. In contrast to traditional Christianity, this new wave of spirituality has a “reverse mission.”

The official statement appeared to warn against the misuse of demonic spirits. However, the statement was a product of the discussions of a working group, not a one-off event.

While the statement may appear to be anti-demonic, the statement is actually a blatant call for the Enlightenment reloaded. Reloading the Enlightenment means reinvigorating politics, particularly in America.

In the late 1970s, spiritual warfare was articulated as a central axis of the new missiology movement. A few years later, it was popularized in Frank Perretti’s book This Present Darkness.

Among the etiquette of the spiritual warriors was their emphasis on the prayer of faith. Their doctrine elevated Christians to a near-God status and claimed that prayers would determine the outcome of the end-times cosmological battle between God and Satan. But the spiritual warriors also garnered some criticism. Some pointed out that their approach was theologically heterodox and led to unhealthy obsession with the demonic.

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