God Addresses The Controversy of Zion (Isaiah 34:8)

The great controversy that the Spirit has with all flesh is that the real God is not as man has imagined. It is not a Trinity or Allah, the sun. Nor is it anything to do with David or the Jews.

Why Can’t People Get Over Heaven and Hell As Destinies?

There is no heaven or hell as space travel now confirms. So why don’t people get over it and look to the right answers for their questions concerning what happens after death? With memory of reincarnation and a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only God, it is with knowledge that I can answer many of the issues.

Easter and the Spinning Cross

The swastika has puzzled many over the years as its meaning is unclear. Used as a symbol for Nazi Germany it managed to turn many away from even questioning it, but it is one of the oldest symbols related to Easter. It was the symbol associated with the Zoro Aster religion of Babylon and the name means ‘morning star’.

The Transformation of Islam Into Christian and Muslim Branches

Not many would expect it and fewer still will accept it, but the religion of Islam started in Babylon some 4,000 years ago and it has ruled over the day of the lord until now. It is the basis of every religion that was born of it and they are easily recognised because they have heaven and hell as their main props. The commonalities between them are many and the costumes, festivals, sacraments, symbols, and calendar are among them.

The Rot in the Catholic Church

It is in the very roots of the religion as pedophile priests and those who covered up for them are brought before the courts and many are jailed for their crimes. The Church is finding it hard to get new recruits as people wake up to the many tricks used to bring it success. As people turn away and the congregations swindle in size the Catholic Church in particular is in a period of rotting away and this was predicted in prophecies.

Fear Is Power and Religious Terrorism

Fear is power over the people. It’s what every salesperson knows and Insurance Companies work on. Bullies and religious leaders bring people under their control with threats.

Religions Don’t Deserve Your Trust

Governments and institutions depend on religions to keep people in line and they encourage trust in them for that reason. People who worship false gods and the idols portrayed as such in religious organisations are grossly misled and they don’t deserve the trust people place in them. They accept liars and cheats, even murderers, into the fold and promise that no matter how bad one is they can still get into heaven and they claim they forgive anyone of their so-called sins.

The Power in the Name Jesus

There are miracles every day for all types of people who pray in the name of Jesus. They are led out of religion and are finding their spiritual link in groups of like-minded people as they are part of the in-gathering at the end of the day. The Spirit of the Universe is the one and only God and it is named ‘Jesus’ which is progressed from the old term for Spirit ‘i-s’ or ‘eye of light’.

Rumours Concerning the Last Days

Rumours of all types are racing around the world as people talk about the end that is now inevitable. Some see it as a mounting raging war between east and west, others as a major conflict between Muslims and Christians, while still others see the effects of climate change and inability to produce crops as the likely cause. They are all genuine and all pertinent to the events taking place today.

Easter and the Sun Festival of Marriage to Mary and Celebration With Orgies

As this festival approaches and preparations to celebrate it are underway the origin of Easter is probably not on the minds of many. Religiously they probably believe that it relates to the death of Jesus Christ, but it is far more than that. Its history predates even the earliest records and it may have preceded man.

The Dreams of Men and Religious Fraud

For some reason it is the male brain that dreams about paradise and heaven and seeks recognition as a god-like power. Women are more earth-bound and are, therefore, less likely to become leaders or to seek such a destiny. The modern world, however, is changing and the standards are drifting as roles become confused so the above statements may no longer apply.

Why Religions Use Heaven and Hell As Their Base

Following my reincarnation and with proof that neither heaven nor hell exist the evidence was vital when the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, called upon me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ The task was enormous and the knowledge to do the job has taken years to acquire and involved university studies to probe the visions given. The wall was shown to me as a huge monument of lies, mystery, magic, and the dreams of men.

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