Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is a religion based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Its followers are estimated to be about 2.38 billion people worldwide. The religion is an Abrahamic monotheistic one.

During the time of the first apostles, people believed that Christ and the apostles could perform miracles. However, these were limited to healing sickness and casting out demons. Those who claimed to speak for God had to prove themselves.

In the Book of Acts, we see the disciples preaching the gospel and healing. We also learn that the Holy Spirit comes to live in the believer at the time of salvation. As a result, supernatural work is performed, including curing diseases, casting out demons, and seeing people transformed by the truth.

The Church is the continuation of the ministry of Jesus in the world. Its mission is to make public the Kingdom of God. Besides healing, the Church has the potential to raise the dead.

Christians are commissioned by the Holy Spirit to minister to the sick. The Bible teaches that Christians should obey the commands of Jesus and the apostles. These commands are found in the Epistles.

When the apostles healed the sick, they were not instructed to do any other miracles, such as walking on water. Only when they were with Jesus, could they heal and cast out demons.

After Christi’s resurrection, the apostles traveled the world, preaching the gospel and laying the foundation for the Church. At this time, they had little free time.

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