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The Christian Duty of Forgiveness

Christ instructed us to forgive one another, as God forgives us. This commandment is as important as it is difficult. No matter how terrible we may think the actions of another person are, no matter how angry we become, we must always start from a point of remembering that the person who committed the act is God’s beloved child.

Novena For Pope Benedict XVI

The Catholic Church has found itself in the news a great deal over the last month. One of the stories about the Church has been enjoyable to hear and read – the celebration of Pope Benedict XVI’s fifth year as Pope.

Fortune Cookies and Psychics

One night, in my early days of broadcasting, the radio station I worked for had a psychic on the air for an hour. My job was to get the callers ready and waiting on hold for their turn to ask the psychic about their future.

The 21st Century Summer Hijab

Summer hijabs are a perfect way to stay cool this summer. Scarves are light, breathable and come in many gorgeous colours and designs, whilst still maintaining the modest requirements of the clothing – without appearing drab. The summer hijab is developing into the perfect symbol of modern 21st century Muslim clothing.

The Custom of Kissing the Mezuzah

Observant Jews, upon entering a room, kiss the mezuzah – the little box attached to the door-frame. What is this custom all about?

Lessons on Prayer From an Agnostic Meth Addict

When you pray do you really feel like it is going to be answered? When you want something in life do you really think it is going to happen? Sometimes, it seems we fall onto either extreme of the whole issue of prayer and belief. We over-emphasize the sovereignty of God and so prayer essentially loses any faith or belief in change, and often becomes fatalistic acceptance.

Visions of Heaven

Saint Mary Madgalen de Pazzi had many visions of Heaven and Hell and among them was a vision of a professed Religious who suffered greatly toward the end of her life. The Community prepared the Sister’s body and it was laid out in the church, as was the custom. Having gotten very attached to the Sister, as she had cared for her in her final days, St. Mary Magdalen desired to see her one more time.

The Progressive and Subversive Voice of Jesus (The Rich Man and Lazarus)

In the midst of Christian leaders lining up with the elite and making themselves the allies of the rich and powerful, we lose the sense of the very subversive voice of Jesus, a voice that spoke out for the poor, a voice that spoke out for the oppressed, outcast, and downtrodden. One of the most famous stories that illustrates this was the story Jesus told of the rich man and Lazarus.

Christian Audio Books and Spiritual Development

In the hectic times we live or that we put ourselves into, and because we are busy all the time doing things for our work, for our home, for our family, and for our kids, we usually do not have enough time to develop ourselves spiritually. Throughout our life, we can become very rich financially, we can amass a large amount of friends and acquaintances, we can even reach to a point where we are at our best personally, but what it is of our spiritual development.

The Pathway

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.

The Fall of Man – Part 4 – In the Garden – The Serpent

The Bible states that the serpent was more subtle than any other creature. The serpent in Genesis is physically the snake, but spiritually he is the devil, Satan.

Worship is a Sweet Smelling Incense

Exodus 30:34-38 – God directly teaches Moses on how to create pure and holy incense which was to be holy and pure of which worship is. Worship is supposed to be pure and holy, this incense was to be made from very rare ingredients which are:

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