Positions For Prayer

God is a prayer answering God, and the positions you adapt while praying does not determine whether it would be answered or not. His ears are always open to receive our petitions or cries, not minding the position we adopt while making such request.

Why I Pay My Tithe

The subject of Tithe has been misunderstood by a lot of Christian believers. While some think it is important to pay their tithes, others think it’s a burden on their finance. But what is the truth about tithing? What is tithe?

Life’s Troubles – Are Life’s Troubles From God?

Throughout the world we can observe Christians who are struggling with troubles of every sort, and the question will invariably be posed as to whether God is the one to blame. Join us as we uncover the real truth of whether or not God is to blame.

The Thing About Faith, Love and Religion

I will not point out my finger at anyone and say ‘I am right in what I mean about Faith, Love and Religion’. Faith and Love are subjects that covers a billion meanings and is individual as well as a common obligation that involves all the peoples in our world of today.

Praying Power – Feel the Power of God at Work in Your Life

Jesus knew about praying power. He prayed right up until his death on the cross. He submitted completely to his father just as we are commanded to do. Jesus even left his disciples in order to pray alone. What an example he provided for us to follow!

King Phillip’s War

Contrary to popular belief, English colonists did not immediately come to America and begin a wholesale slaughter of Native Americans. Through the Providence of God the Mayflower landed at a site where the Native American tribe (the Pautuxet tribe) that previously occupied the land had been wiped out by a plague several years earlier.

The Antidote For the Poison of Position in Praise and Worship

Having a position of leadership means power and, as the old saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely!” I have been in churches where, when the position of worship leader has come up, there has been nothing short of a war between potential candidates to obtain that position!

Coming Out of Egypt (6)

The bible also said that we will overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, and the word of our testimony. This blood serves as a shield to the children of God, and also as a weapon to destroy the enemies.

Female Priests – Still Lacking Recognition From the Catholic Church

Ever hear of a Catholic Bishop that is a woman? I sure haven’t, until the other day that is. Mary Kay Kusner was ordained into priesthood on the 13th of June and it was really quite a big deal.

The Equality of the Sexes – The Greatest Confusion in America, and Modern Western Christianity

The author offers explanation to what he perceives as the single greatest confusion of thought and practice that exists in America, and Western Christianity, and that is that men and women are equal in regards to headship. The author also offers straightforward Biblical references in support of the truth of this statement.

Polysemic Samskara

This definition offers the direct denotations of the word “samskara”, which may carry different connotations for differing people of the Hindu tradition. It may prove useful to succinctly describe the Indian caste system. Society in India is divided into four social classes: the brahmanas (priests and intellectuals), ksatriyas (political leaders and military men), vaisyas (merchants and farmers), and sudras (manual laborers).

Christian and Church Confinement

Acts 12:1-17 contains a wonderful story because it gives us many situations of the Christian life and Church life. The Church and Christians today face and experience the same problems and situations today. We can look at some of the high points of this story and see how they actually relate to us today.

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