What Is Sin?

It is generally accepted that sin exists and that some have power to forgive it in order for the owner to be clean when they enter heaven. The problem is these are man’s ideas and have not come from God.

The “I Am” and Jesus – Part 1

The details about the story of Moses is so extensive that it will be covered over several parts. In the first one the name of God is dealt with.

The Confusion And Destruction Caused By The Wrongful Interpretation Of Adam And Eve

The story of Adam and Eve is a corruption of the facts perpetrated by men for power and control. Undoing the lies and the conspiracy put in place by the 2nd beast of Revelation has put cracks in his wall of deceit and it is bursting open.

The Mountain Of God Is The Biggest Horn Of All

The gods created for religious power are being done away as the Spirit has built Mount Zion as a place of learning and a new teaching. The Babylonian confusion and power of its might was allowed to develop the spirituality of those who have come away from it.

Is Islam Trying To Take Over The World Or Has It Already Done So?

The struggle to be seen as the only god-given religion is what those who belong to them are occupied with. The facts are they are all the same and were all born of Islam.

Christian Festivals Taken From Sun Worship

People who unwittingly celebrate the Christian festivals believing they come from God are an abomination. The Spirit left instructions in the Old Testament prophecies to warn against them.

Demonizing Those Who Communicate With God Is Foolish

Religions have deafened and blinded their follower so they cannot see or know the Spirit. They are imprisoned behind the wall built by the 2 beasts of Revelation and they are brainwashed into false gods and numerous spirits. Anyone who breaks away and seeks the real God within and receives the power are ridiculed, ostracised, and demonized.

When Did Adam Die?

God told Adam he would die on the day he sinned. Adam died 900 plus years later. What are we missing?

Lawlessness Is Alarming

Sounds a bit negative, why think about gloomy, discouraging things when there are so many positive things happening in the world today? Yes, indeed, but then we wouldn’t want to get too complacent in a world that, despite some appearances, is quickly slipping into reckless lawlessness. Just what do we mean by this, what evidence is there for it, and if so, is there any hope? And is the generalisation way too provocative and too broad?

Constantine Exercised All The Power Of The First Beast Before Him

The whole earth has worshiped the two beasts of Revelation through the religions they set up. The Spirit, however, is back and is restoring the earth but a major conflict will soon destroy most of the population.

The Vedic Trinity And Christianity

The idea of a three-headed God or one that shares the power with two other entities is something not many can get their heads around. The claim that there are three persons in the one god-head comes from India and the Vedic Trinity. It belongs to a society where superstition is rife and not many have the knowledge to question their religious upbringing.

Collapse Of The Wall Of Deceit Will Remove All Religions From The Earth

Most of the world is caught by the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation and the wall of deceit. In the last days God promised that it will be removed and that time has come.

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