God Says You’re Covered!

Jesus, Still the Greatest

The author of Hebrews drives the point home again and again. He wants his readers to hear the message again and again: There is no one like Jesus.

Your Due Date

I got up one morning at the beginning of this year and when I had eventually succeeded in tying my shoelaces, I was out of breath. You see, the vacation had taken its toll and found a home around my waist.

Jesus God, Creator

It is impossible for us to see God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as one being. For me, they are three persons.

The Ever-Changing Church

Where has the reverence gone in our weekly worship services? What happened to Holiness? How should Believers prepare for the Sunday service?

Jesus, the Greatest

I struggled for a long time to understand what the whole of verse 9 means. The first part is ok, but what does the second part mean?

Jesus Stands for What Is Right

I wonder how people can justify stepping on others to get ahead? I don’t understand how people can simply wipe out others.

Who’s Your King?

In the 2006 movie, “Man of the Year”, Robin Williams quotes: “Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed regularly and for the same reason.

Exceptional Jesus

When we read the Bible, we should always remember that the author wasn’t looking at us. He was writing for the people of his time.

To Personally Experience Jesus

Three years ago my friend bought himself an UP! (My cousin always said it like: “UP exclamation mark”.

Jesus Adds Up Differently

While we were growing up, there was no such thing as Grade R. Even playschools weren’t that common.

A Formidable Team

God, the Father, and Jesus are a formidable team. God is the Creator God.

To Be a Mirror

I have to do two funerals in two days. I usually pay the children a long visit with the children so that they can tell me stories about their dad.

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