God Showed Me He Is Going To Expose This To Those Who See In The Spirit

The Spiritual People of God

Men delight in thinking they are made in the image of God. Unfortunately for them nothing could be further from the truth. Their misguided views are taken to task in the visions given to me that shows the reality of the real people of the Spirit.

Hatred Against Women Is Without Just Cause

Misinterpretation of parts of the bible have led men astray and none more so than their hatred of and disrespect for women, as witnessed in some societies. The foundation on which they base their behaviour is shaky at best and criminal at worst.

Understanding Baptism and Its History

Baptism History Understanding Throughout the Ages – One of the first details that should be accepted it that a baptism does not ‘save’ and isn’t a requirement for salvation. But, you ask, just how do we know? Most Christians believe that salvation is only through faith and trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord, master, boss, and savior.

Addressing the Anti-Jewish Sentiment

Like many others, I am tired of all the anti-Jewish propaganda that we’ve seen in recent years. Most of the people who make this propaganda claim to speak for the Western civilization or the white race. In fact, the Jews have contributed vastly to both the white race and the Western civilization; and even though Jews make up less than half of one percent of the world’s population, the number of Nobel Prizes they won was comparable to that of English and Germans combined.

How to Understand Bereavement and Handling Grief

Dealing With the Bereaving and Grieving Stages – When someone experiences a significant loss, grief is a normal reaction. It is always followed with a painful and unhappy emotion triggered by the death of a loved one. These same emotional feelings are usually experienced by those with a terminal illness who is anticipating dieing soon, or by a person with a chronic condition who will have to deal with a loss of autonomy, like placement in an extended care home.

I Couldn’t Currently Recommend Me For Heaven

We on this earth have ego problems, a fixation about sex, a nasty schadenfreude attitude, and a love for stories laced with good and evil, especially evil. But there is no sex at all in heaven, and much of what we love here is presumably frowned on there. However St Paul claims that followers of Christ on earth are “changed” at the resurrection and presumably are then able to revel in pleasures on a loftier level than obtained here. Furthermore, the God who could create the joys of sex is probably capable of producing even better kicks in heaven.

The Trinity and Logic

This article shall talk about the Christian argument that Trinity can be understood by logic. It shall answer some analogies Christians pose to prove the Trinity logical.

All You Need To Know About Buddha Statues – Their History, Postures And What They Represent

You have probably seen a few of them either around sacred places or in movies. Buddha statues are known for their unique poses and rich historical backgrounds. Not many of you may know this, but these unique poses have meanings. The most important part is the hands that indicate the things people should do.

History Behind The Tibetan Prayer Wheels

In the eighth century, there was a renowned Buddhist teacher named Padmasambhava. Later on, the lineage was passed on to Milarepa, a well-known yogi. Since then, the Prayer wheel was passed on through various enlightened teachers such as the famous Kagyu master named Karma Pagshi.

Beyond The Eight Count

All of us have faced setbacks in life. The question that must be presented is, “How did we respond to these negative experiences?”

The Papal Vestments and Their Meaning

Papal vestments serve both practical and symbolic purposes. Although early priests subscribed to secular dress, Celestine I rebuked the practice in 429. As a result, priests adopted the clothing of early Roman antiquity.

Prejudiced Against Christianity?

A thick smokescreen has been blowing into so many people’s faces that it’s time to try to clear some it! A deep-seated prejudice against the utterly reasonable truth claims of historic Christianity is so entrenched that large numbers of people don’t understand the basis of their prejudice or see any need to check Christianity out. This is a great tragedy of modern thought, that having embraced secular assumptions such as humanism, atheism, or neo-Darwinian evolutionary assumptions, people think that ‘science’ has answered all the big issues of life.

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