God Told Me Mark The Antichrist This Morning And Warn The People

How History Showed Me I Would Disappear

I cheered on as I watched the Hellenists and Sadducees disappear forever from history. I was on my seat jumping as the Samaritans and Karaites took an eternal background role. And I held my head up with pride when Jewish Christianity ceased to exist as having any part of the Jewish people.

Christian Websites Should Teach More on Perfect Faith Than Perfection

Only sinners need God. Perfect people or the righteous people as Jesus calls them do not need God. The sick need the physician, not the people who are not sick. Christian Websites should make this very clear.

Judaism is an Apple

I went with simplistic: I told him I was a Judaic Studies major, and was extremely interested in studying Judaism. Pinchas looked at me, pondered for a moment, and said something that sounded like this: My friend, Judaism is like an apple. I said nothing.

Follow Me, Friend Request, Or Add Me Now

As we enter into another decade it is easy to see that social networking has changed the face of this world. There is so much emphasis on gaining followers, friends, buddy lists, and contacts that I believe people lose sight of what is the truth. For years politicians, leaders, and celebrities have embraced a world that follows them and supports them when they are up and shuns them when they are down. The truth is they understand that with followers motive is the key and in this world nobody can understand motive like Jesus Christ.

Choice Through Knowledge, Choice Through Ignorance

For three years I’ve been around people telling me that I am developing a knowledge base that will give me the full capability to make educated decisions about how I wish to practice my Judaism. Three years! If I’m being so well educated, how could it be that I was so completely unfamiliar with what seemed like such a simple, commonplace ritual?

Converting the Dead

First of all, a living Jew can never convert away from being a Jew. The action of converting out of Judaism is considered sinful and heretical, but still ineffective. However, it’s neither sinful nor heretical if it were done without your will or knowledge. Imagine if religion were that simplistic. I assume if you could do it to a corpse, you could also do it to a sleeping person.

Settlements – The Home of Shockingly Amazing People

We went to my spot in the sanctuary, and he looked over the bag. He rubbed it, commented on how gentle the texture was. We are talking about what is quite possibly the most generic bag in the history of the world.

Christian Websites Should Teach More on the Faith of Abraham

Abraham of the Bible is one of the most fascinating characters who helped shape my life. Abraham was a nobody before God found him. He called him and gave him a series of commands. When we meet God in person for the first time he wants to do something with and through us.

What Does God Have to Do With Anything?

It truly is amazing that I can describe at length for many hours the process of how I chose to adopt a fully observant traditionally Jewish lifestyle, and there will likely be one word mysteriously left out: God. After all, you cannot have a religion without God, can you? On one hand, this makes no real logical sense, but on the other hand, it’s blatantly obvious.

What is Buddhism? Who is the Founder of Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion and philosophy with a wide variety of traditions, beliefs and practices which are largely based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha (Pali / Sanskrit “The Awakening”). Two main branches of Buddhism are recognized: Theravada (“The School of the Elders”) and Mahayana (“Greater”) vehicle. Theravada, the older branch, has a widespread following in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.

The True Religion

This is a topic that each one of you must have thought of at least once in your life- which religion is the best, and the fastest way to lead to God. This article explains you about the true religion.

The Book of Enoch

Enoch, or is it Thoth, as one will come to realize that this great ancient character is much more than a historical pillar. It is worth mentioning, that there are two among several other concepts one can take into consideration: angels and their nature, spirits of beings. And there is the judgment place and time after death.

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