God Told Me Mark The Antichrist This Morning And Warn The People

Heidi Baker – Every Deaf Person Can Now Hear That Is Prayed For by Heidi Baker

What does it take to reach an anointing like Heidi Baker? What can happen in your life right after a prophetic word has been given to you? What sort of blockages do you need to go through to make a prophetic word come true? Yes the deaf can hear now every time Heidi prays for them.

Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries Tells Us to Stop For Just One Person

There are not many people who see the people that need our help anymore. There are not many people that are stopping just for one person. Heidi Baker says we should stop for the person that God has put in front of us.

Christian Women’s Conferences – A Place For Renewed Hope

Christian women’s conferences have grown in popularity in recent years, because they are a great way to get away from hectic schedules and to find rejuvenation and renewed hope. This article briefly discusses some of the benefits and costs associated with attending a conference.

Why I Believe in the Separation of Church and State

God established three basic institutions in scripture. The family, the church, and the state. For each of these institutions God gave responsibilities.

Advice For Teaching Children From the Bible – Five Scriptural Principles

What does God’s teaching manual say about passing on divine knowledge to the next generation? From the ancient wisdom of Moses to the children in Jesus’ day, these five principles will help you stay on top of the greatest job God has given parents – educate their children in spiritual matters.

Yom Kippur – Death Might Be Around the Corner

Someone passed along the message to me that one of the kids was meeting with a teacher, crying because his brothers had just been in a car accident. I was worried. And remorseful…

How Was My Yom Kippur?

Sunday afternoon. I head off to synagogue for mincha (the afternoon prayers). I sat myself down in the back of my synagogue, starting to feel the intimidation of the upcoming holy day. The room was jam packed. The prayers began.

Good Friday and Easter

Good Friday and Easter are celebrated as the birth and death of Christ. Some surprising facts.

They Made Me a Sunday School Teacher – Now What Do I Do?

Sunday school teachers have a task that requires full-hearted effort, a whole lot of time and a genuine desire for the mind of God to teach effectively. Teachers very much need the prayers and encouragement of God’s people since so much depends on them.

Genuine Leather

Is there another kind of leather? It is either leather or it is not. I cannot speak of times past, because I live here and now.

Knowing Your Source Will Help You Release Your Potential

There are a myriad of gifts that the manufacturer – God has granted unto many but because we have boycotted to know who He is, then we won’t be able to utilize it in the sense that every manufacturer is a source to its wholesalers, retailers and consumers. The student in school knows that his source is his is parents. Then now the question is, who is your source and in whom do you give your life to?

The Incarnation

What we celebrate on Christmas is the coming down of God to earth in the person of Jesus, who was born as an infant in a lowly manger. The creator took a time out from His throne. He came down as a man – thus “God is with us.”

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