GOD told me to PREACH THIS! STOP Neglecting HIM

Roman Tricks and Deception in New Testament

Having read hundreds of articles written by well-meaning people who quote parts of the New Testament to support their stories compels me to correct them. To begin with my reincarnation shows that all of the New Testament is fiction. It is based on Roman tricks and a conspiracy by Constantine, who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD.

Facing the Problem

How do we respond to the challenges in life? To many Believers, the first response against an attack on their faith is to exhibit an arsenal of resources which are based on feelings and human emotions.

Prayer Has No Audience

Televised services in which a large number of people are saying prayers in parrot fashion or are singing hymns in much the same way is frankly, terrible. It sounds awful and it is just that. A chant of meaningless words written by someone long ago and forced upon congregations of religious origin are an abomination.

Discrimination Against Women in Christianity

While women everywhere are facing increasing domestic violence and rejection of them as leaders and peace makers, the fault may lie in the religions that dominate societies. Christianity is as guilty as any in the wretched way it treats women and we have to look no further than its activities over the last 2,000 years. That is the length of time since it was established by the Roman Emperor Constantine who put up the image of Jesus Christ.

The Horrors of the Human Mind

Imagine dragons spitting out fire and huge monstrous like images of Satan as a beast clamouring around the world looking for prey. Can you think of an eternal fire that is burning up the souls of departed humans that are punished by God for being human and acting instinctively to their moods and characters? Can you also image a great city sitting above the clouds with a king and a God of three parts ruling it?

Hell Is a Terror Tactic of Religious Organisations

There is no such place as an eternal fire where the souls of the so-called evil ones go after death. This is known by those who have reincarnated, as in my experience. Heaven is also nothing but a dream enhanced by images created to fool people into believing in it.

The Record in Language That Provides Answers Long Buried

It is a remarkable fact that language is a record of the past, and why wouldn’t it be? Every word, thought, and action is recorded therein. Every dream of man is part of it.

Soloman and the Sun God

The sun has many names in ancient religious texts and images. ‘S-o-el’ means ‘light-circle-god’ and it shortened to ‘sol’, the Greek name for it. ‘Soel’ is in ‘soul’ the light of the individual which rises to the heavens on death.

God Is the Image of Man’s Mind

When something is suspected of being real but it can’t be seen the mind conjures up images so that a picture is presented. This happens when one listens to or reads a story of someone, such as in a book. The characters are described but not depicted and so they become the image that our minds present to us.

The Trinity God and Sun Worship

The way humans are taken in by dreams is remarkable. This is especially true in light of the evidence available today to overturn the ignorance of the past that is responsible for religious dogma. People are so vulnerable that they succumb to good stories and are taken in by the written word and dreams of ancestral humans to the extent that they accept it as correct that and unchangeable in any way.

Why Moses Never Wrote a Word

There are so many claims about Moses that one has to accept that such a character existed, unless one can prove otherwise. If he was a real person there are many things about his story that do not add up and credibility is lost over the claim that he wrote the Torah, the Jewish bible. The date and times of his supposed life do not fit historical facts and the claim that he wrote anything falls flat on the basis that people of that era wrote on stone or clay tablets not paper.

The Delusion of Faith

When someone says ‘trust me’ one should always look carefully at what it is they are being asked to trust them about. The same thing applies to ‘faith’. When one is told to ‘have faith’ then they should look beyond the words and ask where is the evidence?

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