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The Basics of Christianity

Christianity is a worldwide religion that has more than 2 billion followers.

Christians focus their faith on Jesus Christ, a historical figure who has come to be the central reference point for their beliefs and practices.

Christian practices include worship, fellowship, sacraments and other activities. The Bible is the core book of Christianity, and it contains accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings.

The Bible also contains many references to God. The Bible teaches that God is the creator, sustainer and judge of the universe. It also teaches that there is one God and that all humans are created in His image.

In addition, the Bible also teaches that there is only one way to be right with God. This is through Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection.

Deliverance from Demons and other Spiritual Aspects

The Bible says that Jesus commanded his disciples to cast out demons.

This was because, in Jesus’ day, demons were a real problem. They often caused people to do things they shouldn’t do.

These demons could be evil spirits, or they might be a physical problem that was being caused by another person.

When Jesus commanded his disciples to cast out demons, He was instructing them in the practice of prayer.

This kind of prayer is not a “psychological” technique to “think differently.” It is a conscious understanding that our human mind has no power over us. It is a surrender to Christ’s will for our lives, trusting that He has the power to heal us and bring good into our lives.

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