God Took Me Up Out Of My Body And Showed Me A Powerful Vision

What’s in It for Me? Would a Promise to Share the Throne of the Universe Be OK? How Do We Qualify?

Christ promises that He will make us ruler over all that He has if we meet the conditions in His wedding parable recorded by Luke. This is a huge answer to “What’s in it for me? And it reminds us of the army motto, Be All That You Can Be!

Scorners and End Time Prophecy

As this country turns further away from God and His truth, we see more and more scorners attacking the Christian faith. From the highest leaders in our country to the local politicians, attacking Christians and the name of Christ has become the political correct thing to do.

The Big Little Things

Life is full of the little things. The momentous occurs occasionally, but the mundane, the little things, happen every day. Little things add up.

Easter Celebrations and God’s Incredible Pain

Why do humans suffer? This is heard so often in one’s everyday life that it defies belief that the gods of this world still take pride of place in celebrations and mythology. The reality is not for everyone to determine but the Spirit has allowed the truth to now flow.

Unleashing The Holy Spirit

For many of us, the Holy Spirit and the workings of the Spirit remain a mystery. The Holy Spirit is our direct line of communication with God. The Holy Spirit, dwells in every believer.

Understanding God With Hindu Religion

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world. Its holy book Gita explains the purpose of life and a person’s role towards self, family, and society. The concept of God differs from one religion to another. We are all busy in our lives, with little time to spare for God and to understand our own religion. There is lack of in depth understanding of own religion in society. We must endeavor to understand own religion and have basic knowledge of other religions. It will add harmony and peace in humanity.

Biblical Characters Who Doubted God

From reading the bible, we know that there are a few important biblical characters that doubted in God. We must always trust in God and persevere in prayer in all circumstances.

Managing Your Church With Child Check-In Software

Child check-in software can protect both children and your church. This type of church management software offers many security options, scalability, and most importantly – peace of mind!

Empowering The Connection to Your Soul and God

The connection between your human-self and soul-self is a part of you that most people can not see. These parts of you are called psychic anatomy (aka. invisible anatomy, energy anatomy), because it is literally the anatomy of your psyche. You might have heard something about it before, such as the aura, chakras, auric bodies, koshas, lightbodies, halo, meridians, nadis, light channels, hara and more. You can exercise your it to enhance its health and performance, improving the connection between your human-self and soul-self, as well as your psychic abilities. The concept is simple! You exercise your physical body to enhance your physical health and performance, you can also exercise your psychic anatomy to enhance your psychic health and performance.

Respect The Lord’s House, Please

Church is supposed to be a peaceful haven. Unfortunately, manners are not often displayed there by members.

What Does James 3:1-8 Mean?

The meaning of James 3:1-8 is that the tongue can be evil when it is used to say negative or bad things. For example, you can use the tongue to say curses, gossip, and etc.

What Can We Learn From the Book of Philemon?

The book of Philemon is about how Paul helped a runaway slave called Onesimus by writing a letter to his master Philemon. Paul’s request was that Philemon forgive Onesimus and accept him as a brother in Christ.

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