God Wanted You To Hear This This Morning Very Quickly

Tithing Education – Giving From Guilt

I went to a church that had funds for everything, building funds, starvation funds, church funds and even funds to fund of funds if they ran out of money. Okay I just threw that last part in their but all kidding aside, there’s plenty of stuff to be done in our country, to help the starving, the poor and the needy. Why do we need to go to other countries?

The Sabbath Or the Lord’s Day – Which Do We Follow?

The Old Testament clearly states that the Sabbath is a day of rest and should be taken very seriously. Some Jewish followers believe that no work should be done at all on this day. I was listening to a program the other day, when they mentioned something that I found hard to believe or even imagine. Some of the followers of the Torah wouldn’t even go to the bathroom on the Sabbath, I don’t even know if I could do that. I would have to find another religion obviously to be a part of.

Adam and Eve Received Life’s Operating Manual

Don’t you hate it when two years down the road they tell you to refer back to your Operations Manual to fix that computer problem? Right. I know where I put that. Well fortunately I have remembered the operating manual God gave Adam and Eve. I’m getting old and I thought I’d better share it with you in hopes you pass it along. Language was metaphorical back in the days when young Adam and his lovely Eve joyfully pranced naked through the Garden of Paradise. The manual that given was of course The Tree of Knowledge and the insights were profoundly useful in understanding life, all contained in one version, one goldmine of impervious directions.

“Yearning For Zion” My Personal View of the Cult

“Yearning for Zion” Ranch outside of Eldorado, Texas is home to one of the largest religious cults in the world that practice plural marriages. The ranch was well known for its abusive practices in relation to their plural marriages including child abuse, child molestation, and physical abuse of woman. On April 3rd, 2008 Texas law enforcement finally took action against the church, in a raid responding to a complaint. The law enforcement officers rescued 462 children from the ranch, preventing future abuse.

Why Teach a Speedy Six-Day Creation?

Since we were not at the beginning of the creation of our universe, we rely on the witness of the Creator who was. He usually uses people to convey his messages. This time he revealed to Moses how long it took to create the heavens and the earth. Then he made Moses famous by doing many miracles via his hands. Scientists who propose their guesses cannot show similar spectaculars.

God Smiles on the Little Things and the Little People

I know the joy of delivering a loaf of fresh, warm bread to my teacher who had a wife dying of cancer. His glad acceptance and open door echoed throughout my day. Another teacher’s wife brought hot chocolate and marshmallows to our final class in high school physics. We were taught about the effects of heat on the shape of the marshmallows. Another student memorized a poem which I used many a day with students in many classrooms. Little things can add up to big contributions.

The Story of Chosun, Part 21

Into the chaotic and often destructive mix of ideas and politics enters Rome and Catholicism. How much Jesus was lifted up by that organization is dependent on the individuals who represented her. One thing is certain: Where Rome enters, politics enters too. And the threat of a foreign nation, one thing Korea did not need…

How to Grow Your Church Through Self Promotion!

How do you grow your organization if people don’t know about you? Simply put, self promotion is critical to not only sustaining, but growing your church and/or organization. Find out why.

Wonder Words – A Fun Scripture Activity For Your Elementary Child

“I wonder what our Sunday School teacher will teach us today!” This may be what your kids will say after doing this fun activity that will get them wondering about your topic for the day. “Wonder Words” will require a little preparation, but will be well worth your time and effort.

The Fist of the Pacifist is in the Mouth of Jesus

Why wait to get even? Many reasons. Your revenge may be much too drastic. The revenge business carries too much stress and you end up paying more dearly than the offender. Time may reveal that what happened was very different from what you first thought. Obedience to a Master may demand it. Love for humans may drown the urge to retaliate. Let God take care of God-sized problems. God promises to right wrongs in spectacular ways.

Chumming With Pentecostal Scholars

As I write this, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon waiting for the Society for Pentecostal Studies conference to start tomorrow. It’s nice to have a day to myself. I’m thankful I was able to sleep in this morning, but I’m going to be honest with you, I’m pretty nervous.

Is Prophecy For Today?

Many people within the Church and outside it have this intriguing question, ‘Is Prophecy for Today?’. They are not sure whether God can directly speak through the men and women of God as in the olden days when God used prophets. In this article we will be seeing what the Bible has to say about it in the perspective of the New Testament times in which we are living. God bless you.

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