God Wants This To Change Before He Unleashes What He Wants To Unleash

A Christian New Year’s Resolution – Wipe Those Muddy Feet!

For our family’s Christmas gathering, there were 9 children, ages 7 and under, running, hiding, playing, climbing stairs and enjoying their new Christmas toys all over our old 1920 home. There were still patches of snow around the house and the driveway was still coated with ice. One of my grandsons received a Nerf football in his stocking and several of the kids went outside to play with the brightly colored ball.

Most Revered Hindu Pilgrimages in India

Unity in diversity is what the people of India represent and this diversity in customs and traditions followed by Indians since ages have contributed significantly in shaping up Hinduism and various Hindu rituals. Prolonged interaction among the diverse groups led to the advent of “Vedism” which introduced the worship of gods of rain, fire and the sun.

Marriage is a Blood Covenant

“Marriage is a Blood Covenant.” “A what?” Jennifer blurted, staring at her father like if his mental hard-drive had just crashed. “On the wedding night, ” he explained, “when the newlywed virgin couple consummates their marriage the blood that flows is the sign of the covenant that they’ve entered into in the presence of God and the witness gathered at their wedding.” She continued staring at him in silence.

Worshipping Shiva As Kaal Bhairav

Lord Shiva is one of the more important gods in the Hindu pantheon. He is supposed to be the creator as well as the destroyer and is worshipped in Hinduism as well as Budhism. He is the national deity of Nepal. One of the manifestations of Shiva is Kaal Bhairava. In fact Kaal Bhairav is supposed to have a further 8 manifestations and appearances.

What Can I Do For You?

Lots of people pray. Some cry out in desperate times or in critical situations asking for some help from above. Others pray on a more regular basis, consistently asking God for help on many different fronts. I was praying one morning and had an interesting thought.

It’s Costly Gambling With Crucial Matters

Gamble is nothing more than playing games of chance, especially for money, or to act in the hope of something being successful, true, etc., despite the risk of loss. Gambling is a thing one does with a risk of loss and chance of profit. The question that came into my mind was this, ‘should the issue of eternal consequence be handled as a game of chance?

Betrayal of Trust – And a Way Forward

There is nothing so hurtful as a betrayal of trust. When you put your trust and belief in a person and they betray that trust neither you nor they ever fully recover. But there is a way through and a process by which a person can be restored.

Asarah Betevet – The 10th of Tevet Fast

On the 10th of Tevet, Nevuchadnezzar King of Babylonian started a siege on Jerusalem. From that day no one was allowed to enter or exit the holy city. As a result of the siege, which lasted for the next year and a half, and the famine that followed it, many people died in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Guru Gobind As a Motivator and Management Specialist

The Hindus lived in constant fear of the Imperial Army which during its periodic forays carried away Hindu Girls for pleasure and marriage. In such a scenario despondency ruled the roost.Someone was required to motivate the Hindus against the Mughals.That man was Guru Gobind Singhji.

Does God Sanction the Celebrating of Jesus’ Birth?

There is not a Christmas season that arrives that does not bring with it discussion and even discord over the actual birthday of Jesus. It seems to me that Christian brothers and sisters would not squabble over such a small thing.

The Virgin Birth of Star Wars

Have you ever noticed the theology in Star Wars? And the Christian symbolism? You might have noticed that Anakin and Luke Skywalker were Messianic figures, but what about the Virgin Birth? This Christmas season is the perfect time to see the Incarnation in Star Wars!

Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Accept Blood Transfusions

The main reason Jehovah’s Witnesses do not accept blood transfusions is based on the Bible. Throughout the Bible, from directly after the flood of Noah’s day, until the time of the first century Christians, including the Mosaic Law, commonly referred to as The Torah, God gave the command that flesh could be eaten, prior to that man was basically vegetarian, but that man could not eat flesh with the blood.

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