God Wants TIME!

Who Is the Virgin Mary?

Research into the origin of the Catholic Church led to the ancient worship of the sun as ‘Mary’ or ‘Mother’s Powerful Eye. It went much further, however, when the early history of the Roman Catholic Church came under the spotlight.

Constantine’s Plan in Action

An emperor with a goal in mind has the power, motivation, opportunity and means to enforce it. This was the case for Constantine when he set out to establish his own religion for better control and a working parliament to keep his subjects in check.

Council of Nicea

The Council of Nicaea was a hotch potch of types who came together under the order of Emperor Constantine to establish the new religion of the Roman Catholic Church. They brought their ideas and their idealism with them and it turned into a lively meeting with not much resolved. This was what the early church would need to suffer through in its growth to maturity.

Christianity Failed The West – Look At All The Trouble It Caused!

The dominant secular ethos in the West is working energetically to replace all forms of Christianity by its own values. So is Christianity that bad? A basic overview of, say the last 500 years, offers a very mixed bag as to its positive influences. Indeed, look at all the trouble; from cold moralism to unseemly factions, to shocking scandals, to out-of touch clerics, to misunderstood ethics – yes, it’s not very uplifting! So, if Christianity has failed, what’s the way forward – dump it completely?

The Grace Of God And The False Measuring System

In the book of Zechariah we see a picture of a man running with a measuring line. He has become so excited about the fact that Jerusalem is going to be restored, he wants to measure how big she is going to be. The amazing thing is that I see this in almost every ministry that someone is called on by the Lord to be a part of. One of the first thoughts is, “How big can I grow this ministry.” Like the man in the book of Zechariah we grab our measuring line and start running. Dear one, when we do this we immediately put a limit on what God can do through us. Our idea of measuring has nothing to do with how our great God operates.

Can I Stay In My Religion And Still Go To Heaven?

This question is asked by people who are attracted to Jesus, but who find the prospect of becoming a serious follower daunting in their own culture or domestic situation. Often the thought behind it is a wistful longing to follow Jesus, but from the safety of one’s own ethnic religious setting. This is the problem of the ‘secret disciple’.

Clothespin Grip

If you have ever hung clothes on a clothesline, you know how important it is for the clothespins to grip the clothes and hold on tight. That is how the Lord holds on to us.

Did The Apostle Paul Say, “I Am a Pharisee”?

Well did he or didn’t he, because many people think he did? This is not surprising because the alleged inerrant The King James Bible would have us believe that he did say that he was a Pharisee, but can we rely on what The King James Bible says? We must always remember that The King James Bible contains The Holy Scriptures but, of itself, The King James Bible is NOT The Holy Scriptures.

Constantine Is 666

It was always going to happen that one day the identity of the man called 666 would be revealed. Who would have suspected that it was the same one who brought into existence the Roman Catholic Church and all the Christian religions that followed?

New Testament Study

The confusion and contradictions between the two books of the bible make it a very hard document to read. That makes people dependent on the interpretation and misguided answers they receive from those taught to interpret the works according to the religious agenda of the organizations they serve.

Conspiracy to Change the Nature of God

As time passed the action of the founding fathers of the Catholic Church has been whitewashed and buried by those conspiring to maintain the deception implanted within. Its foundation and acceptance remains under a heavy black cloud of corruption and conspiracy. The actions of a violent, greedy and greatly ambitious emperor gave it life while his cohorts nursed it through its growing pains to adulthood.

A Vision of Jesus Christ

There are two opposing forces acting on humanity. The one is the Spirit of the Universe and the other is the fiction of religion. They tug away and while the latter destroys the former builds.

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