Ruth Was an Illegal Immigrant, So Does That Make Boaz a Villain?

Every once in a while I get an “aha” moment and I can’t turn my mind off, thus preventing me from a good night’s sleep. Last night’s “aha” moment came as I was reflecting on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.

God’s Will is to Heal You

Jesus revealed God’s will in everything He said and everything He did – and there was nowhere in the Gospels where Jesus made anyone sick or told anyone to stay sick for God’s glory. Everywhere He went people were healed, delivered and set free – yet many have taught that Paul’s thorn was a sickness or disease in his body, but that is not true.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 14

If our history cannot be found in the Book of Acts, where can it be found? Is the church today not supposed to be living in the Power of the Church of that day?

The Salvation Bible – Full Happiness Inside

What is a Salvation Bible? It is the book of all books. The word of the Alpha and Omega. You can only find Salvation and how to get it from the Bible. You can’t buy salvation or save yourself from this great danger coming. It is a free gift and anyone can have it. Want to learn how?

What is Satanism?

I’ve been reading a lot of articles on the subject of Satanism written by Christians claiming victory is theirs and anyone who worships the devil is a loser. Well, for the most part, not all Satanists worship the devil. Just like there are different types of Christianity, there are different types of Satanism. But to put bluntly, Anton Szandor LaVey defined what Satanism was when he wrote The Satanic Bible and everyone else took the idea, changed it to suit their needs, and ran with it.

The Cross of Christ – The Easter Story

Humble people express their faith through their hearts by acknowledging Jesus Christ in their lives as they honour and worship Him as the King of their world. As the bells of every Christian church slowly toll, lamenting the Death of Jesus Christ, the faithful will walk in the Footsteps of Jesus on Good Friday-the day our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, closed His Eyes in death.

Faith of a Child – Can You Have It?

Christ had said “with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains.” He also asked His followers to “be like little children.” What exactly did He mean?

Prophecy, Revival & Discernment

We have a Romantic understanding of revival, as if it is a sweet and glorious time — like a family reunion or picnic. But real revival, real reformation is traumatic. It divides as well as unites.

LDS Temple Art – Mormon Artwork

Temple art is very easy to find as the Church has countless pieces of art that can be purchased on the church’s website or at any local distribution center. Many other private businesses also sell photographs and paintings depicting temples.

Ogden Temple to Be Redesigned – Mormon Church

On February 17, 2010, the Mormon church announced that it was going to redesign the temple in down town Ogden, Utah. The temple was built in the 1970s, and the original design was created to reflect the way the children of Israel were led in the wilderness: to be a cloud for shadow by day and a pillar of fire by night. This temple has a sister temple located in Provo, Utah; they both have the same design and features.

How Much Do I Owe You?

How much do I owe you, Lord? You tell me that you want no sacrifices or any works of the flesh. You simply want me to know you more and more intimately and to share your awesome love with those who know not what they are doing, and do not realize what awesome grace is in store for them.

To Have Life More Abundantly

What we really desire more than anything is to have life and have it abundantly. To recognize the promise and fulfill the potential of life we must live by faith. A power greater than self is guiding us home.

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