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The History of Miracle Healing in Christianity


The History of Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is a religion based on the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is one of the largest religions in the world with 2.38 billion followers. Christians are a third of the global population.

Healing is a central part of Christianity. The first century church recorded healings in Matthew and Acts. These miracles occurred only in Christ’s presence.

Christians who claim the gift of healing usually have faith in God and pray. God then responds by doing what He wants. People who say they have such gifts no longer use chicanery or spells to heal.

Christian healings were considered sacraments in the twelfth century. They were also called extreme unction. This practice was a form of spiritual preparation for heaven.

In the fifth century, some serious Christians left urban corruption for the countryside. Some fled to the desert and began praying for the sick. Many people in need of healing went to the shrines of martyrs.

After Constantine converted to Christianity in 312, healings became less common. However, the miracles of the apostles were recorded in the book of Acts. Evangelists were a special type of apostle, given unique apostolic gifts.

In the fourth century, the church grew rapidly. Over half a million new converts joined the church every generation. Pastors continued to preach in large services. Church members climbed from five to thirty million.

Healings sparked revivals in many nations. As the gospel spread, ordinary Christians began praying for the sick.

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