God Woke Me Up At 1 AM I Went Outside And Saw This Warning! I Held On To This Video For A Few Weeks

The Power of Prayer

It is my brother’s birthday today. I still do not have any idea of what should I give him. At first I thought, money would be very handy. It would be more practical than giving him a birthday cake. However then I thought, he is much more worthy for me than just money; but of course I cannot afford to give him all the luxury he wants.

Is the Oil Spill Disaster Judgment From God?

Who could have anticipated an unprecedented disaster such as is taking place on America’s southern border? Does it have anything to do with the US government turning away from Israel and courting the Muslim countries of the Middle East?

Praise and Worship Leader Resources

As a praise and worship leader for many years I have learned to appreciate the value of effective worship leader resources. As a trainer and teacher in praise and worship leading, I have had the opportunity to examine my knowledge, my skills and my ideas in an effort to not only improve my own ability to lead with, but also to convey this information clearly and effectively to others.

Could This Be a Bible Contradiction?

I don’t know how many years I’ve been telling people that there are Bible contradictions, in the Holy Bible. Genesis obviously makes the statement that Jacob seen God face to face and in John, no man hath seen God. It’s a simple statement, but still there are millions of people who deny that the Bible has any contradictions in it.

Five Minutes

I only have five minutes before eight this morning for prayer devotion and I have to be office-bound. My eyes are still swelling from burning the midnight oil. Then a thought came to me, “I drink at most 3 cups of coffee usually due to sleepiness.

5 Tips to Deepen Your Relationship With God

We all want a deeper relationship with God and seek it in different ways though we don’t always feel as if we’re getting very far. Part of the problem is that often we’re focused on a feeling which is no real judge of our walk with God. Other things like sin keep us from getting closer to God.

Ancient Women – Unlimited in Nature

We live in a world and age, when images of womanhood leave much to be desired. Today’s society equates womanhood with sex toys, second-class citizens, servants, child-brooding machines, objects that are exploited and used for pleasure, etc, which does little or nothing to uphold the standard that God set in His Word. Most women have become “fabricated” having their identities formed by the dictates and attitudes of society.

How the IRS 501c3 Application Limits Ministry

It is a common belief that a church must seek the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service by applying for tax exempt status under 26 US Code 501(c)(3). In plain and simple language the Internal Revenue Service disagrees.

Substitutes For Men – Unlimited – Nature of Women

Traditionally, women have been the backbone of the Church. In many families – even when fathers are present – women have taken on the primary role of spiritual mentors and role models for their children.

Children’s Church – Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Sunday School Lessons

Children’s church is in place to teach the children of the congregation about the religion and its beliefs. This article provides two ideas of how to spice up your Sunday school class.

Why Your Making Money is Crucial

God wants to release His wisdom upon us, so that we can solve problems for people, and thereby become rich. Our prosperity will then become a tool in God’s hand to win lost souls.

Who is Mormon?

While most people in the United States and other developed countries have heard of the term “Mormon”, most of them don’t really know where it comes from. Mormon was a prophet in the ancient Americas. Here are more details.

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