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Miracle Healing in Christian Spirituality

According to the New Testament, Jesus came to save our souls. He did not come to raise the dead or feed the 5,000. His miracles were limited to healing the sick and casting out demons. These acts were meant to demonstrate that he was the authentic messenger of God. In fact, only 20 to 11% of the gospel accounts describe Jesus’ public ministry as devoted to physical healing. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Christians cannot be devoted to the healing of others.

The synoptic gospels also describe Jesus’ ministry. In the synagogue, he performed a miracle called the exorcism. Then, he went to Capernaum where he began the ministries described in Isaiah 61:1-2. These include setting free a “demon-possessed” man, healing Simon’s mother-in-law from fever, and healing all people suffering from different types of illnesses. These miraculous healings occurred daily, and Jesus discerned those who needed exorcism.

To be an effective disciple of Christ, we must be willing to give ourselves. It takes time, patience, wisdom, and consecration. Ultimately, our lives will bear the fruit of our obedience to Christ. Our daily obedience to Christ is a hidden command that we must obey. We must follow the Word daily to be effective in sharing God’s message with others. For this, we must have the faith to live in humility and love. Then, we can witness to the world.

The healing power of the sacraments is particularly potent. In the Catechism, Jesus touched the sick and he continues to heal through the sacraments. The bread that feeds the body is the bread of eternal life. Through these sacraments, Jesus Christ is present and he is our Savior. Our faith in Jesus Christ makes these sacraments a powerful instrument for bodily healing and spiritual strengthening.

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