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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with over 2.2 billion followers worldwide. It is a faith in one God and believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired, “God-breathed” Word of God and that it has final authority in all matters of faith and practice (Acts 20:32; 1 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21). They also believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that through belief in him and following his teachings, they can inherit eternal life.

– Deliverance and Casting Out Demons

The Bible instructs Christians to cast out demons, or evil spirits, from people who are possessed by them. This is done by renunciation of the presence of demons, and by using their spiritual power in Christ to throw them out.

– Healing the Sick

The Christian church believes that God wants all believers to be healed, both physically and emotionally. This is reflected in the practice of “Christian healing” and the belief that Jesus cured all who were sick.

– Miracle Healing

The Christian church teaches that it is possible for people to receive healing from God when they follow the right religious practices and are baptized. This is done through the work of the Holy Spirit, who resides in each believer and gives them spiritual gifts that they can use to help others and grow their relationship with Christ.

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