God’s Involvement Makes The Difference | Pastor Evelyn Joshua Sermon

What Is Peace?

Peace means unity, specifically with God. What does it mean to have peace? Do we have it? How do we get it?

The Menorah and the Jewish People

The Menorah is one of the oldest symbols of Judaism-its origins are Biblical and until the present day one can spot it adorning Jewish buildings, Jewish Jewelry and even the Jewish state. What is it about the Menorah that makes it so popular? I am inclined to believe that it is the rich history of the Menorah, leading to the Menorah representing so much for the Jewish people that makes it one of the most well-loved symbols of the Jewish religion. I’d like to explore these areas and thereby allow you to understand a little better the incredible history behind this symbol.

The Real Spirit of Christmas

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is a very popular Christmas story. The moral of that story and the real Christmas story have some similarities.

The Spirit’s Power In Confession

Something wonderfully empowering occurs when we hear ourselves say the words: “I was wrong,” “I refused to forgive,” “I was so envious of her/him,” “I couldn’t control my alcohol intake,” and “Having an affair made me feel so dirty and worthless.” But the power in saying the words is magnified when we trust someone else to hear them. Once we have spoken our hidden and shameful truths, aloud, into a safe environment, God cleanses us in the moment and through succeeding days as we reflect. The burden is no longer solely ours. God takes a good deal of that weight.

Have A Little Fun With Your Kids This Christmas: Entertaining With Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts are a great way to get your kids involved with Christmas. You can use crafts to make decorations and other items to put around your home. These crafts can also be used as gifts, allowing your children to make great gifts they can be proud of.

The Little White Country Churches

All across America little country churches have dotted the rural country side for decades. Often times in these small churches some of the greatest men of God have been saved and dedicated their lives to ministry.

The Greatest Hindrance To Your Spiritual Growth

Discover the single greatest hindrance to your spiritual growth. The problem lies closer to you than you think.

Selective Hearing

How can two individuals sit in the same church service and hear the same sermon, but share two different responses to the message? One hears it as a positive homily while the other sees it as condemnatory?

Repentance’s Transformational Dynamism

Repenting is an activity of living right in the present – fixed of conscious on God – with a scrupulously honest eye on the recent past. The more aware we are of the immediate past, and the more we accurately judge it, the more we prove we know God and are obedient to the Holy Spirit’s calling. The process of repentance is the sinner walking hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit, never fearful of the cost of judgment; knowing that in judgment-the conviction of our sin – is the gateway to freedom. This is a never-looking-back sort of freedom.

Are You A Child Of God?

Everyone starts out as a child of God. However, you must qualify to remain one. Find out how.

The Wider Mind of Christ

The wider mind of Christ is what God is calling every Christian to. Maturity is not simply holy thinking, but it is a character aligned to holiness and truth. The wider mind of Christ gives us the capacity to see and follow God continually throughout all life (within the obvious constraints of our fallible humanity).

Psalm 23 – There Is A Table Prepared For You

There is a table prepared by God for us. Do you know how to partake of what the Lord sets before you? Learn what qualifies us to sit at table with God.

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