God’s Love Carries Life Changing POWER!

The Big Questions: God

There is so much philosophical baggage surrounding the concept of a supernatural creator God-of-the-Old-Testament that it is far easier to believe He never had any reality in the first place. Here’s some of that philosophical baggage IMHO, along with some suggestions for additional readings on the general theme.

Why A Teaching On The Divine

Does religion have a role to play in one’s life? Opinions spring from all angles whenever such a question is posed.

Why People Choose Hell

Whether we deserve it or not, God gives us free will to choose our eternity. We can chose life everlasting in heaven or darkness and despair in hell. Sadly, too many choose the latter over the former, which begs the question, why?

How Do I Know That I’m Really a Creationist?

The Bible opens itself with a grand declaration: “In the beginning, God…” (Gen. 1:1a NIV) No evidence of any hesitation; not even a hint of the need for any explanation. It simply proclaims without any second thought: There is a Sovereign, All-powerful God who started it all!

Christmas Sermon Outlines – The Reason for the Season

There are a lot of demands on us as ministers during the Christmas season. Everything from our families to crafting Christmas Sermon Outlines. Make sure though to take time to remember what the reason for the season really is.

Christmas Sermon Outlines – Why Write Your Own?

Christmas is a busy time of year, especially for ministers. With all the great Christmas Sermon Outlines available online I encourage you not to take time to write your own. Why not save time by using someone else’s and spend your time on things that really matter.

Christmas Sermon Outlines – What’s a Good Topic?

So you are racking your brain trying to come up with some fresh topics for your Christmas Sermon Outlines this year. Here are a few of my personal favorites to get the ball rolling.

Happy Are the Pure in Heart – A Pure in Heart Quiz, Do You Pass?

Okay, we know how it goes: happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. I want to talk about this beatitude. This was one of the beatitude that Jesus used during the sermon on the Mount and will form subject of our discussion.

God and Money – So What Does God Really Think?

I do not know what came to my mind when I decided to write this story. At first, I felt as though I was going out of the confines of the articles I usually write. However, it as a revelation: why not talk about God perceives money? I felt Christians are called to be prudent in their use of money in all aspects. You have heard people say ‘love of money is the root of all evils?’ You have also heard people Say ‘it easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven?’ It is in the Bible. The common denominator here is money. Does God have such simplistic view of money? I doubt it.

A Letter of Concern to the Churches of the World

I greet you and beseech you in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. It is a humble privileged opportunity for me to address you in this forum. I must start by thanking your leaders for the service they are offering to people of God. I know it is not easy to deliver the word in these tumultuous times. You have made a commendable effort to keep your flock together but I have been disturbed by a plethora of issues that I wish we could resolve for the sake of Christ.

The Battle for Limited Government Is Lost As Long As Churchmen Believe That Man Is Basically Good

It would be simplistic to reduce the problems of America to just one theological concept, and if America were to grasp that theology once again all of her problems would be solved. However, there is one major doctrine that has not only been lost by the nation, but by the church as well. One Gallup Poll showed that 77% of Evangelical Christians believe that man is basically good.

The Turning Point Part 2

I had promised to revisit the topic. In my short life, I have been inspired by lives of others; people who have been transformed by God from pitiable selves to new life. Remember: when Christ is in you, the old is gone, the new is come. I wish to focus about the life of a girl I met after the Sunday service at my church. She shed a lot of tears after giving a true testimony about her life. She agreed to open to me about her transformation and as a rule; I will share it with you.

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