God’s Revival Army Marching in Victory

The National Sunday Law Is Nothing But a Subtle Attempt to Supplant Christianity

The movement among various church alliances in North America to seek legal protection for the sanctity of Sunday has been receiving great support from individual Christians. They believe that the Lord’s Day should not be treated with such scant regard; that people must not feel as if they can do as they please on this day.

Bible Study on Revelations – How to Avoid Private Interpretations

When we are engaged in a Bible study on Revelations, like Joseph, we should adopt the attitude that it is not in us to know the things of God; it is not within our domain to interpret that which only God can provide an answer. The advantage that we have today is that we don’t have to go to a prophet to have anything explained to us; all the interpretations are right there in the scriptures.

The Final Countdown To Checkmate!

In the universal chess game on the battlefield earth, the game is drawing to a close between good and evil, between god and his adversary. The armies of both squaring up to do battle. The pieces are being moved into place for the final attack. The final countdown to checkmate has begun!

God Is the Fuel Behind Facebook’s Success

Why is Facebook so successful? Could it be because of God himself?

Information on Indian Festival and History Behind the Festivals Celebrated

The festivals in India are celebrated from great historical events and figure. India is a Multi-Religious country with various cultures and their special rituals adds glow to Indian heritage. With overall population of more than 1.18 billion, Festivals starts from welcoming the new year, the rains and the full moon.

Orthodox Conversion to Judaism – 10 Common Myths

Many people who are considering Orthodox conversion to Judaism have an unrealistic view of the process and its ramifications. This article will hopefully clear up the facts for people and give them a better idea if Orthodox conversion is the right path for them.

Jewish Holidays: Sukkos

Chazal (our Sages) tell us, and the poskim codify this at the beginning of Hilchos Sukkah, that the Sukkah that we make and dwell in during Sukkos is a zecher so to speak, a remembrance, of the Ananai HaKavod, roughly translated as the Clouds of Glory, which surrounded the Jewish people from when the A’lmighty took us out of Mitzraim (Egypt). The Tur writes that the Ananai HaKavod protected us from the elements. Additionally we know, from when Aharon HaKohen passed away, that the Ananai HaKavod protected us also from our enemies.

The Fruit of the Spirit – Love

This article is about Love as a fruit of the Spirit. Of all the fruit of the Spirit love is the greatest because God is love and He gave His Son Jesus because He loved the World.

WOW, God Is Enthroned On Our Praise

God moves not alone, God lives not alone. God seats on his throne and is surrounded by His presence, glory, power and the angelic. The one thing that attracts God’s attention is the worship that comes from earth, Noah offered a sacrificed that the bible says that God smelt the offering of Noah and made a covenant with Noah.

The Birth of The Trinity

Who is God and what of the Trinity? Are there really three Persons, and if there are, why are there not three Gods? Besides that, if Jesus is God, where did He come from? Just who did die on that Cross?

Worship Is A Privilege To Mankind

Though worship is a command and we were created to worship, I believe that worship is a privilege to mankind as we tend to receive more in worship because man is more blessed by just worshiping God.

God’s Presence And Worship – The Link Between

If we do not see God working in your lives it’s because we are not worshiping right. We understand that God seats upon the throne and according to Isaiah’s and Ezekiel’s account of his meeting with God.

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