Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (6) 1300BC – Plagues – “Nile is Blood” – “Death of First-Born”

Passover Plagues-Miracles – Fiction or Fact? Ancient biblical events (Circa 1300BC) are confirmed by a university post-grad study group (Circa 2000AD). In sequential episodes and chapters, fictional characters of ancient Egypt interact with Moses, Pharaoh, et al, followed by a fictional university study group which reviews 21st century scientific findings, artifacts and logic, covering the same biblical events.

Morality and Maturity

False gods are powerless because they are not real. And yet, people falsely believe they are real, and establish very real and destructive behaviors on that false basis. Consequently, the more mature are bound by the weaknesses of the less mature as a matter of service to the weaker brothers.

When Christ Was Born

What Homer, Euclid, Herodotus, Hippocrates, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Gutenberg, and Jesus Christ have in common is that they are among the many historical figures documented with uncertain dates of birth. And it is rather ironic that Jesus Christ, probably the biggest name in the list and to whom historians have been basing their timeline for the last two thousand years, continues to have an obscure birth date.

Whyte Witch Witchcraft Secrets Review

The Underground Guide to Witchcraft’s Greatest Secrets is an audio witchcraft course introduced by White Witch Arabella Jolie. She relied heavily on the knowledge and insights of her mentor, High Priestess Serenity and some of the world’s most respected Witches.

Rescuing the Bible From Itself – Biblical Contradictions

You could virtually guarantee that most atheists wouldn’t have much to stand on, if it wasn’t for the Holy Bible. There are statements made within this book that are confusing and often create problems for believers, as well as nonbelievers.

Scripture Songs Are Needed in Church and at Home

One of the most cherished parts of worship has always been the singing of Scripture. Here are just a few of the benefits this practice provides.

See No Evidence, Hear No Evidence – Christians

I don’t want to lump every single Christian into this category, but it’s pretty common among most Christians. They’re not interested in looking at or hearing about the evidence that is provided by science, atheists and other people.

Initiation Into Wicca

Some traditions believe that you can not be a witch unless you have been initiated by a high priest/ess. This is a little impractical as there just aren’t enough high priest/esses to train and initiate newcomers.

The Eight Sabbats

The turning of the seasons along with the monthly cycle of the Moon had a massive impact on pagan ceremonies. The Moon was seen symbolic for the Goddess and ceremonies of adoration and magic took place in the light from the Moon.

Wiccan Tools

Just like most other religions, there are various tools and objects used for ritual purposes. They are used to invoke Deities, get rid of negativity and directing energy with our touch or intentions.

Traditions of Wicca

For some of us Wicca is a solitary religion, something that we have taught ourselves through groups, books or even the internet. Whether you grew up in a Wiccan family or were initiated the traditional way through a coven, it is important to understand all of the Wiccan traditions.

Is Jehovah Right, Worship No One But Me?

Do not have any other gods before me is one of the 10 Commandments that seems to be creating problems for Christians and they can’t even see it. This was a big problem in early Christianity, but was easily resolved as church leaders convinced their followers that Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit were actually one single God.

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