Goldfish Christians!

Religion in Our Daily Life

What is religion? Religion is notoriously difficult to define since it cuts across so many different boundaries of human experience. There is a fundamental role of religion in bestowing meaning and significance on human life. What is special and true in human life, is depicted by religion only. It marks the human encounter with God.

Lucifer, Satan the Devil in Popular Christian Imagination

The origin of Satan the Devil in Judeo-Christian tradition is obscure. But we find, in the Old Testament scriptures, evidence of a gradual evolution of the idea culminating in the full blown doctrine of the Devil we find in the Christian scriptures.

A Story Yet to Be Told!

David was an ordinary man with an extraordinary passion, and this passion brought him through life. And this steadfastness is in the heart of many men and women who today walk unshakable, determined to be the servants that God has called them to be, determined to fight for their spot next to the king of kings and for the Glory of God.

Beat Your Worries!

Have you ever woken up one morning knowing that everything is all right, that life is beautiful and wonderful and that no matter what happens you and your family are always going to be happy and safe and your life is always going to have meaning and purpose? Have you ever woken up just knowing that there will be occasional winds and bumps and bruises, but things will always be just fine?

Mephibosheth – Servant Or Son?

The majority of Christians belong to the religion of the servant, instead of the son. Which do you belong to?

The Case For No God

There are tons of books out there making the case for faith based reasoning and the existence of a supreme-being, or god. Indeed, it is all very interesting. It is also interesting that most folks who follow a god choose one of a benevolent nature, a good god if you will. I guess if I were to buy into the whole god thing, I’d probably choose a good god with all those positive attributes that most faith based thinking folks have.

From the Safety and Security of the Hands of Almighty God it is Possible For a Man to Jump!

These people wanted to be free from Rome. Jesus wanted them to be free from sin. That can be the very same today. Political and nationalistic hopes in Israel were riding high, and that is why some people looked to Jesus Christ during the Feast of Dedication and for a moment thought that he would set them free from Rome. Why is it that God’s Word can be preached and taught and explained, and some people will receive so much out of it and others will get virtually nothing and perhaps even become enraged and angry?

The Idolatry of Men!

And on every field imaginable we have instituted a system not only to exalt the abilities, the natural or learn qualities of regular human beings, but to make Gods out of them. And we go about this task shamelessly and joyfully, as if this was a great thing to do, as if there was no sin involved; especially the one sin which God detests the most.

What Does the Bible Say God is Like?

Christ was sent to earth to give us an idea of what God is like. He was Go’s only son, and reflected the personality and spirit of His heavenly father.

Why Christianity is Often Given a Bad Reputation

People who claim to be Christians, but behave in an evil manor, are not true Christians. I am talking about the people who commit terrible violent, terrorist acts, or people who murder in the name of Christianity.

Periodically Audit Clergy Members For Any Alleged Moral Misconduct Complaints

Should ordained members of the clergy (priest, minister or rabbi) be periodically audited and evaluated by a nondenominational committee to determine whether or not they are still psychologically and morally dependable and competent enough to guide their flocks during times of stress and uncertainty? The Catholic Church these days has admittedly had more than its share of errant priests who have allegedly strayed from its religious teachings and engaged in some form of sexual abuse involving children.

Holy Communion is Central to the Christan Religion

Holy Communion is central to the Christian Religion. While it is a central component to Christian religious denominations, the emphasis and meaning of Holy Communion varies among the various Christian denominations. There is big difference in how for example the Roman Catholic Church treats and views communion and how the Baptist Church or the Evangelical churches view the importance and role of Holy Communion in the church.

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