A Modern Attitude to Catholic Prayer

What is a prayer? Either you are Catholic or Buddhist, should the conversation with a God be different? And finally, is a meditation only for Eastern cultures and religions and prayers for the West?

The Last Message of Daniel: 14 – The Suffering People of God

In all ages those who follow Daniel’s God will be hated by God’s enemy. There seem to be two particular time periods singled out in the book of Daniel: Daniel’s, and the time of the end. There is no need to make a choice between the two, because both are featured.

Happy Are the Meek for They Shall Inherit the Earth

Jesus taught so many beatitudes most of which were more or less straight forward…except some like this one: Happy are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Somebody get me a whip! The first time I read, I thought the bible writer had an oversight for he should have said something to the effect: happy are the meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. The Bible however is inspired and no word should be added or omitted. That said, let us try to understand what Jesus actually meant.

The Folly of the Rich Fool – Are You the Same As Him?

Have you ever come across people who are so engrossed in self importance to even notice your presence; people who only think about their earthly enrichment so much so that you would think these earthly possessions are their very personification? Today, I want us to look at such a person in the Bible. The story has got a very interesting lesson for us to learn from.

The Last Message of Daniel – 13 – The Abomination of Desolation

An eerie connection exists between this last prophecy of Daniel and the prophetic writers of the New Testament. This is why Jesus referred readers for all time to this Old Testament prophet in His monumental statement about the end in Matthew 24.

Coming Out Effects on Religious Practices of Urban Gays and Bisexuals

Coming out is a difficult process for everyone. You slowly start to let people know who you really are. It usually starts with close friends and blossoms to include individual members of your family.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 3 – Getting the Word From God

This is called Getting the Word from God and we are going to cover a little about the prophetic word that you share with strangers. First of all, first off the cuff, I’ll share the words that I use that I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me. The words and their effective 99%, 99 times out of a 100 these words will work. I’ll cover objections, dealing with shutdowns in Part 13. I’ll deal with that other 1% there but for 99% of the people; I walk up to a person and often the person is with someone else or talking to someone else.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 7 – Doing What the Father Does

You may not walk in a tremendous prophetic anointing or have a tremendous prophetic anointing in your life. But when you start to move in a stronger anointing in the prophetic, you start to get words of knowledge and messages for multiple people as you’re walking down the street. Doing what you see the Father doing is the practice of only asking God which person you should give a prophetic word to.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 6 – Planting the Seed

In prophetic evangelism, it’s easier not to identify yourself as a Christian and simply walk away though it serves not a great purpose. Not every person knows unless you tell them that you’re a Christian and the messages come from Christ. Not every message that you share prophetically through evangelism, through your prophetic gifting with strangers includes the word Christ or Jesus in it. There may be nothing in the message that gives the idea that Jesus is a part of who you are or part of the message.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 5 – Using Word of Wisdom

In the prophetic, there are three gifts: Prophecy, which is telling a person about their future and telling them about their current life; Word of Knowledge, which is supernatural information about a person’s life that you ordinarily wouldn’t know about that person; Word of Wisdom, is the directions, specific directions of God for a person. God loves to couple together Word of Knowledge where He tells you about a person’s troubles or a person’s difficulties or a trial facing a person and then He gives a Word of Wisdom; a direction from Him about how they can solve their…

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 2 – Finding the Person to Witness To

If you’ve done your preparation like we’ve covered in Chapter 1, you’ll know that the Lord has always got people that He wants to speak to. The Lord always wants to speak to different individuals and He’s got messages for all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life. God wants to lead you to certain people.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 1 – Preparation for Prophetic Evangelism

Early on, when I prepared to go out and do prophetic evangelism, I used to prepare myself in prayer. If you are a person who gets up and spends time with the Lord each morning in prayer or reading the Word of God, you already have the preparation to move in the prophetic.

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