Got Some Amazing News! Some Of You Already Heard It This Morning. Jesus Literally Did This For Me

Christians Are Kings

It is one thing that the Lord loved us and cleansed us from all sin. It is quite another that we have been made kings. We now have royal blood flowing through our spiritual veins-the blood of Christ, the ruler of kings.

Christians Are God’s Friends

Jesus called His disciples “friends.” Why? Because He decided to trust them. He decided to love them. He decided to commit to them and open up to them. A servant is available at a moment’s call, but this relationship is more distant and obligatory. It wasn’t the relationship that Jesus was looking for. He held back nothing from His followers and risked everything for them. Jesus set a standard for us to follow.

Spiritual Warfare – The Greatest Enemy

Sometimes our problems do not come from those around us, or our circumstances, or the government, or demons. The greatest enemy is not in front of our eyes, but right behind them.

Should the Bible Be Edited? Christian Research

It’s been quite a few centuries, that some of God’s rules don’t seem be in compliance with the laws of our government. If they don’t make sense, and only a select few follow them, what’s the point in having them in the Bible. Shouldn’t we edit the parts in the Bible that don’t make sense, some of them even break acceptable laws created by our government. Should the laws and the Bible be enforced and the laws of the government eliminated.

Prophetic Evangelism – Letting the Father Speak Through You to the Lost

The whole world needs a touch of Jesus. The whole world needs to know that God is watching and He is aware of the pain people are going through. Prophetic Evangelism is a very handy gift that make people happy in the midst of their pain.

The Way You Can Reach Your Dreams and Live Your Destiny – Habakkuk 2:2-3

Many people in this world have given up on their dreams. The cares of life and the deceitfulness of riches choke them and they do not bear fruit in their Christian life. Are you someone that has dreams and visions of your future… if so have a read of this short article.

How to Own the Hidden Treasure and Have Jesus Very Happy With You

Jesus shared this story to show people that he is the Hidden treasure. The parable says he is so expensive and precious that it will take you selling all you own to possess him. Read on…

Behold the Proud, His Soul is Not Upright in Him, But the Just Live by Faith – Habakkuk 2 Vs 4

In my time I have known a lot of people with pride in their life. Chief of the sinners in this area was me. I am happy in recent prophetic words that I have received that the LORD has shared with me that he loves my humility. Going from proud to humble can be a refiners fire that burns hot in your life, or you can do it yourself. Read on…

The Coming Fate For Those That Are Not Honoring the Lord With Holy Living and a Lack of Tithes

The modern prophets and teachers preach a lot of grace these days and say peace is for the willfully disobedient. People even do teachings that say we are not required to tithe and store treasure in heaven. The days just over the horizon, are going to have struggles and hardships and this prophecy is written for the people that are not honoring the LORD.

The Last Days That Haggai Talked About Are Coming Soon! Haggai 2 Vs 6-9

There is coming a day not many years from now when God is going to shake the heavens and the earth. Revelation says that we will lose a third of our day to darkness. That is a major shift in the heavens that would achieve that for the LORD…

How to Be a Happy Christian

Are you a happy Christian? Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” It’s time for Christians to experience the abundant life Jesus was talking about. So, what is this “abundant life?” And, how do you find it?

Ladakh Monasteries – Retaining the Age Old Buddhist Practices

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