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Understanding God With Hinduism

Is there a God? We all agree that there is a super power, who has created the Universe, and the living beings. But we are unable to answer the next question: “Who created God?” This is the biggest secret of God. All religions have tried to answer this question, but have failed. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It might not have answered the question satisfactorily for all, yet the approach is good enough to motivate the Hindu devotees to live a noble life.

Re-Introducing Love

Every Believer is to be a walking, living, and sharing example of God. When people see us, they should see the definition of love.

Open and Affirming – Progress for LGBT Worshipers

OnA means Open and Affirming. There is a continuing desire on the part of many churches to embrace the OnA stance. Essentially, this means that they are welcoming the LGBT population into their churches.

Good Riddance to Good Works? Can Christians Sin All They Want Or Should They Obey God’s Commandment?

“Good riddance to good works!” is the mentality of some Christians who believe that obedience to Yahweh God’s holy commandments is no longer required once you put faith in Jesus Christ for your salvation. Is this belief Biblical? When we accept Jesus as our Savior, does it mean we can indulge in a paradise of sin?

Are the Good Fruits You Produce Sweet or Wormy?

Do you produce good fruits? If so, are they sweet and nutritious, or are they shining on the outside but wormy on the inside?

Hallowed Be Thy Name: How Do You Glorify Yahweh God Almighty Your Creator?

Teaching his disciples how to pray to God, God’s beloved Son, Jesus Christ, began the model prayer with, “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.” (Matthew 6:9, American Standard Version) When we pray “Hallowed be thy name,” we are seeking sanctification and glory for God’s name. Putting this at the start of his model prayer, Jesus indicated that our first priority in life should be glorifying God’s name. What does it mean to glorify God’s name?

Want to Grow and Cultivate a Spiritual Garden to Produce an Everlasting Fruit That Frost Can’t Bite?

Are you a gardener? If you are, you know that growing colorful flowers and crunchy veggies requires your love, care, time, and effort. You need to work the soil to make it just right for the seeds, water them regularly, and patiently wait for nature to do its work. Cultivating a spiritual garden requires similar necessities.

2015: Revisiting The Foundations

As the year 2015 unfolded, we had a clear word of the Lord to revisit the foundations. Not just to revisit but to carefully inspect and repair the part of the foundation that cannot support what God desires to bring to the earth. Is there any part of our foundational beliefs that unknowingly puts limitations on what God desires to do? Be careful we are in danger of missing God’s heart.

Nobody Will Dare To Bell The Religious “Cats”

There is violence and bloodshed in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and Somalia by IS, Boko Haram, and Al Shabaab. There is intra-religion violence as well as inter-religion violence. Humanity has invented religions in search of peace and harmony in society. Unfortunately, religions have caused more hatred and violence than peace and harmony in our society. Creation of Israel after Second World War, and unsettling Palestinian to accommodate Jews have accentuated the seven decades old crisis. Hindus in India want to turn back the clock to 15th century to undo the Muslim rulers actions; when mosques were allegedly built on the temples. To undo the 5 century old demolitions, one mosque has already been demolished in 1996. Hindus want to demolish more mosques. Such activities create unrest and mistrust between communities. It affects peace in society. Humanity has to react proactively and take preventive steps. We are a civilized species, and onus is on us to prove our worth to God.

Biblical Principles on How to Overpower Temptation Before It Rules Over You

What would you do if you found a wallet with a wad of cash? Would you be overcome by the temptation and take the money, or would you overcome the temptation and give back every penny to the rightful owner?

Kiss Your Troubles Goodbye Forever and Welcome Everlasting Joy

Would you like to have your troubles pass and live a happy lasting life? By “lasting,” I mean eternal. Or would you rather pass along with your troubles? It is completely up to you.

Answer the Challenge: Go Regain the Lost Earth Paradise!

Once upon a time, Yahweh God Almighty created a paradise garden on the newly formed Earth, which became the home of Adam and Eve, the first two people who ever lived. His purpose for His new creations was to fill the paradise with happy people who would walk in fellowship with their Heavenly Father. Yet, the couple foolishly rebelled against God, and forfeited eternal life. Through them, sin and death entered the world. Has Yahweh’s purpose for the lovely Earth been ruined?

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