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What Is Christianity?

Christians are a global group of people who follow Jesus and believe that he is the Son of God (John 10:17). They also accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

Christianity focuses on the life, death and resurrection of Christ as central to its understanding of God and humanity. They believe that in Christ, they have found the fullest expression of God’s core nature and the best model of how to relate to creation and the world.

A Christian’s faith is based on the belief that God has revealed himself in three ways: through the Old Testament prophets, through Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and through the Holy Spirit as his presence within them.

They are also commanded by God to share the Good News of Christ with others, to live pure, moral lives in accordance with his Word, and to practice obedience to God’s commandments.

When a person is sick, the church will usually have elders anoint him with oil and pray over him in the name of the Lord. This is a symbolic act of recognizing that this is a special time to seek and honor God for his healing power.

The goal of this healing is to enable the individual to regain physical strength and independence so that he can serve and worship the Lord as fully as possible. However, the ultimate goal of all true believers is spiritual restoration and a place in heaven where they will never again be plagued with physical illness.

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