Havoc on EARTH!

What If the Inmates Are Running the Asylum?

If the inmates are running the asylum we are in for some hard times. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes an Asylum as, “An institution for relief of the destitute or afflicted, esp. one for the insane.” The inmates are those who are not in their right minds. When the insane make the rules for our institutions, we are in real trouble. Those who are insane are not qualified to make sane laws for a sane society. The natural outcome of the insane making our laws is total confusion. This article give two illustration of what happens when the inmates run the asylum. It has a call back to sanity.

Can Christians Be Afflicted by Demons?

One of the most frequent topics that triggers inter-Christians squabbles involves the devil. Some believers think that Satan is just a figment of imagination among deluded disciples who also accept spiritually questionable practices such as speaking in tongues, miraculous healing, and personal revelation.

Saint Martin De Porres and the Miraculous Lemon Tree

Saint Martin de Porres, known as the Saint of the Slaves was gifted by our Lord with many gifts. What he planted grew miraculously as in the case of the miraculous lemon tree he planted.

Being Both Abundant and Spiritual is the Tallest Order

For centuries, money has been a symbol of exchange of goods and services. But money is also a measure of the meaning and value of different things; for example, if money represents greed and selfishness, it becomes a symbol of evil.

Maturing Faith is a Life Long Journey

Salvation is instantaneous but how do we become a mature Christian and produce fruit as the Bible calls us to do? It is much more than just going to church each week. The Bible is very clear that we are to turn from sin and especially James challenges the reader about our responsibility if we are truly committed to Christ.

Christian Magazines & Newspapers Offer Affordable Advertising Rates and Motivated Readers

Small businesses that use Christian magazines and newspapers for advertising have discovered a secret not many other businesses know about. In effect, every time they place an ad in a Christian publication they receive a disproportionately higher number of responses then when placing ads in some other type of magazine.

Tabernacle Prayer – A New and Living Way Through Jesus Christ

Each part of the tabernacle of Moses pictures for us a New Testament reality. It shows us a pathway to God’s presence, powerfully applied through Tabernacle Prayer.

My Fun Day With Two Missionaries

I posed this question: So, why do you believe in what you believe in? Two wide-eyed, young girls looked right at me, and with undeniable enthusiasm told me, “Because it’s the words of the Prophet!” “Ah,” I said. “And why do you believe in the words of the Prophet?” A wild eyed, sincerely pious look came over their faces as they nodded and told me, “Because it’s written in the book!”

The Doctrine of Hell – Here’s Why You Don’t Really Believe in It

There are three types of doctrine mentioned in Scripture: 1) that of Demons, 2) that of Man, and 3) that of Christ and of God. There’s no reason anyone should check one’s proverbial brains at the door or eat every can of peas on the shelf when it comes to being a “hearer” of God’s Word. Think, people, think!

Grasp Your Peace With God

You and I must stop trying to get peace with God because, according to His Word, we already have it. Romans 5:1 says we have that peace and we need only grasp, or take hold of it. This peace is a reality because we have been justified by faith through our Lord Jesus Christ.

David – Both Shepherd and Sheep

“A man after His own heart.” That’s what God called David. And, out of all the people in the Bible, David is the only person to whom God referred in that way. Why?

Satisfying Your Religious Curiosity

Whenever we are hungry we eat something and whenever we are thirsty we drink something, but how do we satisfy our religious curiosity? This question has been asked for centuries and some philosophical scholars have provided us with some great avenues of thought to walk down.

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