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The Truth About Church Service Online

Church services online can mean many things to many people. There are entire websites online dedicated to helping you find a church service in your area – other websites help people hear the word of God in sermon form no matter what time of day it is, and some websites do both of those things.

Baptism Guide For the Non-Christian

For the non-Christian who knows nothing about baptism. Have you been invited to witness a baptism? Do you need to purchase a gift? This comprehensive guide summarizes the main points you’ll want to know, and offers up some helpful gift and etiquette suggestions.

The Churches of Revelations – The First Church – Ephesus

Every Christian belongs to one of the seven churches of Revelations. The Church of Ephesus (Revelations 2:1-7), has a special problem God reveals.

Rest in the New Creation

In past articles I have stressed the need to Cultivate The New Creation. As you may recall, one of the illustrations I used to explain this idea was my childhood experience of receiving a model airplane as a gift. I did nothing to merit receiving the model but I had to do something in order to enjoy it.

Mother Teresa – Empire State Building Snub

On August 26th, what would be Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday, the Catholic League made one simple request to honor the possible saint’s day of birth. The League asked the private owners of the Empire State Building if they would be interested in lighting the tower blue and white in honor of the former Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Word of Encouragement – As a Christian, How Do You Take the Word of God?

Does the word or the prophecy of God affect a particular group of people? No, it affects every living person.

Paul Says Speak in Tongues But Not in Public – 1 Corinthians 14:1-2

Paul was the King of teaching and man of mighty signs and wonders. Penning one third of the New Testament he had the right to speak on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in 1 Corinthians 14 he speaks especially about tongues, prophecy and proper church policy. Join me as we look at 1 Corinthians 14:1-2.

The Mystery of Messiah and the Anointed Eloheem of Genesis 1:1

The idea that the mystery of Jesus Christ is unsolvable exists partly because the Tradition, as handed down, never understood the complex relationship that existed between God the Father, and His Son, The Anointed Eloheem. For thousands of years we have pondered this mystery, reading the old testament for clues, knowing in our hearst the truth must exist in some form or another. It does, but only in the Hebrew text.

The Lost Message of Pentecost

When it comes to Pentecost, what exactly do we celebrate? We are told that the celebration is all about commemorating the descent of the holy spirit upon the Apostles.

6 Consequences of the Fall of Man

The fall of Man precipitated several consequences which are very important for us to understand. From the moment Adam ate from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; 6 specific things happened which still plague the human race up to today.

To Be Yourself and to Be Christ!

A person asked me recently how He could kick the habit He has, a second person asked me; how do I make my sister come to Christ? A third person asked me why does it feel like the church is filled with liars and Hypocrites and false Christians. Without a doubt I could come up with a reasonable answer to each one of those questions.

Kundli Match and Compatibility

A lot of people are gaining interest towards astrology, horoscope and kundli. It has been proven many times that motions of planets have a great effect on our life. Today marriages rely completely on kundli match. People who have never taken the assistance of an astrologer throughout their life do go to them for kundli match.

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