Abomination of Denominations

The media talked about the Pope worrying about the loss of Catholics to Protestant denominations on his trip to Latin America. You know what? As a Catholic this does not bother me at all. I don’t for a minute think that God gives a hoot whether I am a Baptist or a Catholic or a Holy Roller. To love one another and take care of the earth is why we were born and why we live. That is the kind of denomination I belong to.

Sovereign Grace in Paul’s Letter To The Romans

If one book of the Bible could be selected to offer a “slam-dunk” explanation of and defense for the Sovereignty of God, it would be Romans. See for yourself how forcible are Paul’s arguments against the sovereignty of man.

Sovereign Grace In The Epistles of Paul

I have written elsewhere regarding Paul’s book of Romans. Here now is a compilation of the other of his writings, and a brief commentary on each of his statements about what is commonly called “Calvinism.” You will see in reading Paul, where Calvin obtained much of his material.

Righteousness Power: The Breastplate That Will Protect Your Heart

Righteousness is an extremely important word for Christians. In fact, it is so important, God gave us a weapon called the Breastplate of Righteousness.

It Is More Than Knowing

We can understand the basics of the Christian faith, but fail to apply them in our daily lives. Believers must realize it is not just by listening to the Word, but it is living the Word that matters.

Crave the Pure Milk of the Word and Grow!

If you are serious about your faith, you want to grow in God’s character. The good news is that you CAN simply by following the instructions in I Peter 2:2: craving the sincere or pure milk of the Word.

Sovereign Grace In The Book Of Acts

As the church begins we cannot escape the fact that the progress of Kingdom people is totally ordained of and directed by God Himself. We call this Sovereign Grace.

Why Atheism Contradicts Reason

So much propaganda has hit the media networks in recent times that people have started to think that Atheism is the real deal; the final answer to religious terrorism because atheism is grounded in science and evidence-based research. What they are inclined to overlook is that they are only being told half the story. What I mean is that in fact Atheism undermines the foundations of the same reason it means to use to show itself as the pinnacle of scientific reason. Here’s why:

Pastor Anniversary Poem

A great way to encourage your pastor is by having a pastor anniversary poem written by an author or someone who is skilled in writing. You can sum up the past years events in a poem or tell the entire story about his or her ministry in poem fashion. Writing a poem takes a little time and effort on the writers part but great poetry comes from the heart, soul and mind.

The Lost Tribes

Through-out the ages there have always been unanswered questions that have mystified, perplexed and confounded man. So many of these unanswered questions have to do with lost civilizations. The Mayans, the Aztecs and even the people of Atlantis have all contributed to histories unsolved mysteries as to what happened.

For With God Nothing Will Be Impossible

The Angel of the Lord spoke these words to Mary after he announced that she would bring forth a son and shall call His name Jesus. He told her that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God.

Can A Person Fall From Grace?

Yes you can fall from grace but not in the way that most of us have been taught. Most of us have been taught that when we sin we have fallen from grace but this is not true because Romans 5:29 read moreover the law entered that the offense might abound but where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. Therefore, when we sin we do not fall out of grace but into grace.

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