The Ministry of Presence, Part 2

God’s ministry of presence was evident through His Son, Jesus Christ. We can pass on the ministry of presence as well.

The Ministry of Presence, Part 1

There are few things more important than the ministry of presence. That’s what God did for us by sending Jesus.


Believer, stand firm in your battles, for you have the resources to not only defend your faith, but wage a warfare that will send Satan fleeing. Don’t take off your armor and put down the Word.

Pictures of Perfect Timing

I have been fascinated with the range of photographs that have been included in collections of perfect timing images. A photograph taken in the right place at the right time at a great angle can have some surprising results.

Did Man Evolve on Planet Earth?

A close look at the evidence that suggest it is impossible that man was evolved on this planet. Our history, science and religion must be discounted if the evidence proves the impossibilty of their facts.

The Farce of Religion

Your Beliefs: Your dictionary states that Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. The following is what we have come to understand as one of your major belief systems. We thought it imperative to log this topic, as we feel it is at the core of the suffering we think you are confronting Your religious belief is what drives a lot of your decisions, policies and behaviours worldwide.

Preachers Ignorant of Impending “Day of the LORD,” Due to Prosperity and Modern Bible Translations?

Christ’s wedding parables have imagery pointing to Passover, and numerous clues point to 2nd Passover, as provided by the biblical law, but modern translations obscure parallel references. An inclination to make things simple has also resulted in “leavened Bread,” of which Christ warned, speaking of church leaders’ teachings, Matt 16:12. Prosperity is a third factor in feeling no need for the embodiment of present truth represented by Christ knocking at the door of the preachers!

Prayer the Common Denominator of All Religions

Prayer is the common denominator between all religions, this leads to hope. Why? Could it be that the tie that binds religions together, can also bring them together?

Satan Quoted Scripture

I study the Bible a lot. I’m not saying this bragging. In fact, I caution people that my interpretations may not be right, but then again they may be.

High Reward Versus Punishment Is an Important Reason to Keep the Christian [2nd] Passover

Christ’s three wedding parables have Passover imagery and offer an implied benefit for being ready versus serious loss if not. “Ruler over all that He has” is preferable to beaten with stripes for failure to prepare. Christ’s clues point to a provision in Jewish law for a late Passover, “as in the days of Noah.”

The Amazing Transformation Of The Leper

Let me tell you a little bit about leprosy, it was a very deadly blood disease that was hereditary and contagious. People during those times that had leprosy were not allowed into the general population; they were alienated. If anyone got close to one of them the leper had to yell, “unclean! unclean!” so that no one would get close to them and catch it. Leprosy is a type of fallen man; it’s symbolic of you and me before we came to Christ.

The True Mantle Of The End-Time Apostle

Oh how difficult it is for us to move past our ideas, opinions, and imaginations no matter how unbiblical they are. Once a belief is established in our hearts and mind, we tend to read scripture in a way that supports that belief system. When this happens nothing less than a revelation in the spirit can enlighten us.

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