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What is Charismatic Christianity?


What is Charismatic Christianity?

The Christian faith is central to the lives of the apostolic church, but what is the exact nature of charismatic Christianity? It is a radically different concept from a simple decision or conversion. Instead, charismatic Christianity is an active commitment or performance, resulting in a “new creature” who wears “the whole armor of God.” The process of re-subjectivation, or de-subjectification, takes the form of a spiritual boot camp. This grueling effort results in a militant Christian subject.

The Manila Manifesto of 1989 recognized the need for a more effective evangelical strategy. It insisted on the social gospel and emphasized the superiority of subaltern southerners as missionaries. The “reverse mission” also promoted a higher spiritual awareness of subaltern southerners, as well as a sophisticated knowledge of the demonic. The results were a sweeping change in the nature of missionary work and the practice of Christianity.

The apostles were limited in scope, and a limited number of disciples shared the ability to perform miracles. They did not heal 5,000 people or walk on water. But they did have the power to cast out demons, heal the sick, and raise the dead. These gifts were given to those who could demonstrate that they were messengers of God. It was never their intent to keep Christians healthy. So, we must ask ourselves: is it possible that the apostles’ gift of healing was limited in scope?

The word “demonic” is often used to describe any condition wherein a person is under direct demonic influence. Jesus himself used an exorcism to remove demons from their victims. He had the power to use exorcism to expel demonic spirits, but this is not a practice in all churches. However, there are still Christians who practice this form of Christianity. So, how do we discern a charismatic Christian?

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