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Faith – What Every Christian Needs

Faith is indispensable to the Christian life. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Throughout the Bible, we see examples of people who had faith and who saw God turn up in miraculous ways. The early church operated in faith: it trusted God and saw Him move powerfully.

Sovereign Grace In The Books of Kings and Chronicles

The heart of a king is in the hand of the Lord, and the Lord turns it any which way He pleases. Listen to the stories of kings and prophets, chosen ones all, and see if you now believe in a Sovereign God that does what He wills.

Sovereign Grace In The Books of First and Second Samuel

The list of men chosen of God and used of God is so overwhelming in Scripture that it is probably wise that we yield to the idea that God has chosen us, too, we who are in Christ. Why not? Popular theology may not allow it, but the Bible is ever so clear.

Transgressors Rising Up in Middle East: World War Three and Antichrist to Follow

The events taking place today in Libya, Egypt and Yemen have been in the making for over two thousand years. The Transgressors rising in the middle east with a war on the horizon and the Antichrist to follow. Regardless if one is a spiritual person or a secular person everyone should be paying close attention to the events unfolding in many parts of the world today. The events that are taking place today and that will unfold in the next five years have been merging at this point in time for thousands of years. To understand what is unfolding today we need to take a trip back in time. Then we can look at the Future events.

Is God Currently Unemployed?

God used to be the God of the gaps, used to explain anything mysterious. In view of the fantastic discoveries of recent times many believe there is now nothing for God to do. But explaining how gravitation works, for example, involves concepts that are not physically demonstrable — just like God! We haven’t created electric charges or magnetism. They just are. Light is also mysterious, sometimes acting like immaterial waves and sometimes like a stream of particles. Matter is interconvertible with immaterial energy. God is still needed to put fire into the equations. And life is an even bigger issue. The Bible says God upholds (or sustains) everything. He is still in business.

Sovereign Grace in the Books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth

Here are related several stories from the time just before the great Kings of Israel began to reign. In each story, see the hand of God moving, and realize that this hand still moves today.

Guarding The Gospel Of Christ From Conditional Immortality

We generally safeguard beliefs we consider to be of high value from influences that might distort or undermine their purity and authority. A prime example today is how the gospel of Christ, as epitomised in historic biblical Christianity, has been made the subject of a whole welter of relativizing updates, and cultural and contextual reinterpretations. Many might say ‘Surely the message of God’s love ought to be able to accommodate cultural and contextual diversity without losing its essential core.’ I need to respond to this, especially as it relates to Conditional Immortality, which is gaining popularity as the new evangelical orthodoxy.

Little Faith With God’s Help

Throughout the scriptures we see and hear the amount of faith all of us need to get God’s attention. What is required from us is a small measure of believing that God is able to help us when we are unable to help ourselves. To illustrate his point of exercising ones faith;

The Necessary Ingredient for Washing Dishes

I don’t have a dishwasher (except for my husband). Washing dishes by hand is a great reminder of what cleansing power water has.

The Human And Divine Natures

Every Believer has two natures, the human and the Divine. As long as we are alive, we will continue to exhibit our human characteristics as well as the growth and promotion of the Divine nature within us.

Sovereign Grace in the Books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy

Even in those difficult “law” books of the Bible, we see a picture of a God who sets His love on certain individuals and peoples. And once it is set, it is set forever!

Keeping Women Silent in the Church

Did God really say that women aren’t allowed to talk in church? This article discuses why Paul told the Corinthians to keep their women silent in church.

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