He Said He Was Going To TAKE His LIFE Until THIS Happened!

Religious Myths Add to the Confusion and Riots Based on False Beliefs

The web of deceit that false gods, ideologies and fanciful notions of heaven and hell have delivered is killing the world. There is no escape from the confusion and strife they have inflicted.

How To Find a New Church

It can be very difficult when you move to a new city to find a new church. Here we discuss some of the factors in finding a church and list a new resource for a specific city.

Atheism, Evolution and Secular Humanism Masquerading As Science Against the Bible and Creation

Science and the Bible are not in conflict, because they have the same Author. The issue is how one’s belief can shape the interpretation of what we see. There are thousands of scientists who are also Christian or Jewish and who find it unlikely if not impossible that everything we see in the universe, including life on earth, came from a Big Bang in contrast to what the Bible says.

Christian Origins Traced to Babylon

Christianity and Muslim religions have much in common and for good reason. They were both founded by the same religious fathers along the same principles.

Discrimination Against Women Due to Religious Prejudice

Women have long borne the brunt of man’s obsession with sun worship. Its position as number one in the minds of the religious is drawing to an end as disclosures of what human philosophy is about are published.

Bible Teaching Made Simple

When I was first approached with the idea of teaching a Bible Class, I didn’t have any idea at all about where to begin. I didn’t have an opportunity to attend a Bible-teaching workshop. I told them I’ll do the best I can, but I’ll need your prayers.

God’s Valentine

In summary, this article is about God’s true Valentine, God’s “true people”. From his covenant “keeping people” to the “one new man”. This article describes “agape love” and the various other types of love. Love is kind, Love is generous and Love is God.

Role Players

Let each one of us take a closer look at our lives. Are we playing a role, or are we the real thing? Have we memorized our lines, or are we a living epistle?

How Was Samson Blinded in the Bible?

As soon as Samson was captured by the Philistines, his eyes were gouged out so that he became blind and couldn’t see. This happened all because of his lust for a Philistine woman called Delilah.

How Did Samson’s Wife Die?

Samson’s wife was killed by the Philistines who took revenge on Samson for burning their fields. The Philistines burned her and her father to death.

God The Father, The Son And The Holy Spirit – The Holy Trinity

There is ONLY one God – the Almighty Father, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the Creator of the entire Universe, the Heavens, the Earth and all that is in them. He is the One Who was, Who is and Who is to come.

I Shall Not Die (3)

He also told us clearly in Mark Chapter Sixteen, verses seventeen and eighteen that no power of the enemy or sickness shall be able to overcome us. Listen to it, “These signs will accompany those that believe… They will be able to handle snakes will safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place hands on the sick and heal them.” Praise God! He didn’t go back with this grace and power. He left them behind for us. And the snakes here mean all the powers of Satan and death. I said all. The poison represents all physical and spiritual agents that can be injuries to our health, our organs and our well-being. And even when the enemy thinks he can sneak in sickness, Jesus said we have the power to heal and cast him and his bag of diseases and pains away. Praise God! What again do you need??

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