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Questions to Ask Your Pastor – Bible Study

Some people are interested in learning more about Christianity, others don’t have the time or interest. The Bible verse that says, seek and I will show you or knock and I will open the door can apply to all forms of information, if you’re interested. You’ve got to ask the questions first, don’t be afraid to ask or find someone that you’re comfortable asking these questions to. If you are truly interested in learning more about the Bible, here are some questions to ask your pastor, priest or other Christian leaders.

What is Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah is a holiday in the Jewish religion and is the celebration commemorating the Jewish New Year according to the Jewish Calendar. The holiday consists of various religious customs and rituals and is one of the most important days of the Jewish year.

9 Reasons Why You Should Practice Prophetic Evangelism

There are a number of reasons that you should consider prophetic evangelism, and if you feel like you would like to explore the prophetic for the people that need a little nudge toward Jesus this is for you. Having the opportunity to speak into people’s lives that you don’t even know is great fun. It is so enjoyable to practice prophetic evangelism wherever you are. Nothing seems to be more exciting then to be given messages of God for people in your city. Once you get over the nerves, it is plain sailing and every message is a joy to bring people.

Tapping Into God’s Provision For the People That Give With Joy

God is a God that does not forget to see what you are giving. He is a God full of promises and a God that keeps His promises that he has in scripture. To the person that has the gift of giving, the ability to give with a thankful heart, God does not ignore and brings money back into their pockets. Read a little of my story.

Inspirational Zen Buddhism Tales

One of Buddhism’s principle tenets is that there lies a Buddha within each of us; the path to that state of enlightened being is through meditation, mindfulness and concentration. Zen stories from Japan contain within them the distilled essence of Buddhist philosophy; they emphasize that spiritual awakening comes not through worship or dogma, but through direct experience of the world and turning one’s eye inward. Their simplicity is deceptive; there’s a will o’ the wisp quality about them that teases and pushes the mind into new ways of thinking about the nature of life. Interpret them in myriad ways; what you make of them is a reflection of what you are…

Chasing the Culture Vs Leading It

Many very smart Christians get caught up in trying to impress the world with their learning, abilities and/or stylishness — scientists, scholars, theologians, musicians and artists. They are not trying to be unfaithful. Rather, they are trying to keep Christianity on the cutting edge, to keep it relevant in the face of astounding scientific discoveries, with advances in academic research, and with cutting edge anthropology, with new styles in music and art. We don’t want to sell them short.

The Story of Chosun, Part 23

Let’s talk today about the middle third of the 19th century, as we inch closer to some times that will be recognizable in this abbreviated account of the story of Korea, following Hulbert and Oliver. 1834 sees another untimely death of a Korean king, and a small child forced to reign. The king’s 9-year-old son comes to the throne as Hon-jong tawang. But his grandmother becomes the true power. Reforms are instituted and the nation moves along.

Youth Pastors Aren’t Replacement Parents

Why are youth pastors blamed for every bad thing any young person ever does in church? And why do some parents put so much pressure on youth pastors to disciple their students, while taking little responsibility for their own kids’ spiritual lives?

The Kingdom of God – What is It?

The kingdom of God encompasses four unique realms; the spiritual, the physical, the internal and external realms, all of which must realign and return under the complete dominion of God. God’s master plan for restoration has been set in motion millennia ago and is at the culmination point right now. This article explains what exactly is the Kingdom of God and the part each of us plays in it’s restoration.

Being a Christian – What Does it Really Mean?

Being a Born Again Christian is more than just a series of religious rituals performed at regular intervals for the appeasement of your conscience. It is a dynamic and vital relationship with the God of the Universe who wants nothing more than to reveal His holy will to all His Children, so they can each realize their true identity in Christ Jesus, achieve their full potential and fulfill their divine destiny.

What is Christianity? Understanding God’s Kingdom Principles

True Christianity is not a religion! It is about a Nation and a Government that God is building on earth. It’s about the citizens of that Nation, it’s Government and how those Citizens respond to and interact with its Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ.

Musings on Adam and Eve

Over the years I have read all of the Christian Bible, some passages many times. As far as serious study and analysis, I have not yet progressed beyond Genesis 4. Yes, I am still seeking the deeper layers of meaning in the first four chapters of Genesis. It has been an intriguing journey, and each time I return, I bring back more insights. The story of Adam and Eve is particularly beguiling and has charmed me for over sixty years. Certainly, my present viewpoint has been influenced by all the esoteric studies I have completed and continue to explore, and so what follows are some recent musings about this mystical couple.

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