Pope Right: Hell Not Forever, Incompatible With a Loving God – Where Did We Get That Idea?

Pope Francis has sparked another debate with controversial remarks at the Third Vatican Council. He says, the concept of hell where people burn eternally cannot be Christian–it goes against the concept of a loving and compassionate God. That idea is being challenged by other Bible scholars, not just the pope.

Our Country and Church

When you take God out of the country and the Bible out of the Church, you have a nation moving toward extinction and a church that loses its identity as the Body of Christ. No longer can the Church continue on its course of compromise, but must return to its Biblical foundation.

If God Is With You Then You Don’t Need Insurance

Insurance is for fools and those who have no spiritual protection. When God gives it is rarely taken away while those who have no spiritual understanding are enriched by man-made wealth.

Is the Supreme Court’s Ruling Concerning Same-Sex Marriage in Accordance With the Will of God?

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that all states and the territories of America must allow gay marriage. Is their ruling in accordance with God’s will?

It Is Time for You and I to Shine!

With the recent Supreme Court Decision making it law throughout the United States of America that Gay and Lesbian couples are allowed to marry, I have been amazed at the polar opposites of views by Christians. One thing that they all can agree on is that this world in which we live in is slowly getting darker and darker. I am sure many people are posting YouTube videos right now saying that we are at the very end of time.

Religion Is An Invention of Men Who Sought Power As Gods

Religious myths are driven into the brains of children before they are able to think for themselves. It’s this activity that keeps religions in power and makes gods out of men.

The Three Main Sins According To The Bible

The bible does not teach seven but three main sins. They are given as the desire of the flesh, the desire of the eyes and the pride of life. Every person alive is tested on these three points.

Security Is a Word We Hear With Increasing Frequency, But What Does Being Secure Really Involve?

Security is a topic we hear quite a lot about these days and its relevance appears to be increasing rapidly and with good cause. How can we be secure in these days when terror stalks our streets and beaches? How can we be secure in this life but even more importantly how can we be secure in the life to come? These are not necessarily linked although what we do and believe now imparts a degree of security but reassures it once we pass from life to life! Faith in Jesus Christ determines so much of what is vital and crucial. This same risen and living and ascended Lord Jesus Christ can give any man or woman the total security which he or she requires for now and for hereafter. There is no security to be found and received and embraced anywhere else!

The Circle Of Religious Entrapment And Why Few Escape It

Religion of any denomination is a construct of human endeavor to gain power as gods and rule the world. Men are the chief perpetrators of the deception and women the victims of it.

Overflowing Grace – Sufficient Even For You!

Do you face intense challenges, or even things that have left you feeling cut you off from God and without hope? In his second letter to the Christians at Corinth, the apostle Paul shared a catalogue of his sufferings, even boasting about his weaknesses. One of these was a ‘thorn’, and when Paul asked God to remove this physical ailment, the Lord reassured him by saying, in effect, that the thorn was there to stay, but ‘My grace is sufficient for you’ (2 Cor. 12:9). Here is overflowing grace, and not just for the apostle Paul, but a wonderfully rich and overflowing supply.

How Religion Silences God

We all have the ability to hear the Spirit of the Universe speak to us, but the religious lies and the wall of confusion makes it difficult to do so. Those who chose the religious path give up their right to have the link as they become blind and deaf to reality.

Your Conscience Is The Voice Of God

People often ignore their conscience to perform acts of stupidity or worse. They then suffer the torment of pain, loss, or disease as God deals with them.

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