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Miracle Healing and Christian Faith

The Christian faith is a belief system that emphasizes the human person as body and soul. The Bible says that Christ came to save mankind, to save souls and to raise both body and soul. Interestingly, only 20 to 11% of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry contain reports of physical healing and exorcisms. Today, there are fewer baptized Christians who practice their faith. These individuals are more difficult to reach than the people who have never heard of Christ.

Some believers practice “machine gun” prayer, in which the Holy Spirit descends on a group of people. The resulting effect is a violent shaking, vomiting, and writhing on the ground. Many people even experience total loss of consciousness during this practice. Nonetheless, the phenomenon of charismatic prayer is a relatively new phenomenon. While charismatic prayer is a form of worship, it lacks the transformative power of a transcendent truth.

Charismatic faith is not simply a decision or ritual act of conversion, but a performance. It produces a “new creature” and involves putting on “the whole armour of God”. This process of de-subjection and re-subjection can take many forms, from physical to spiritual. These practices are most common around conversions, but can also be performed in a spiritual boot camp. This intense work produces the militant Christian subject.

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