He was set free from DEMONS causing him to hold RESENTMENT towards others!

Simple Steps to Successful Christian Fundraising

The church is one of the institutions that cannot function effectively without money. There are a lot of programs and activities to spend on aside from the wages of the pastor and the church staff. Oftentimes, the church income through offerings and donations are insufficient to go on outreach, missions and church building. The church needs to be creative and resourceful in this regard.

Church Marketing Ideas That Work

The word marketing may connote selling in exchange for financial gain. Then again, marketing may also refer to an exchange of goods for the mutual benefit of both parties. The latter explanation may justify the title of the article. The church is often a non-profit spiritual organization which aims to share with people the love of the Almighty Father.

Inspirational Sayings – What Comes to Mind?

Inspirational sayings are things that motivate you toward a positive path in your life. Whom do you quote? Presidents? Religious leaders? What words bring you back to your ‘center’?

How to Build a Leading Christian Outreach Ministry

Outreach, by its simple and literal definition, is reaching out to meet the needs of others outside your care. There are some needs that most people feel that are spiritually motivated such as: love, forgiveness, purpose and meaning in life, and acceptance. What better place to meet these needs than in a growing, healthy church.

Images of Jesus – Are You There?

When you see images of Jesus in your mind, what do you see? Is it possible that your own reflection is an image you should be imagining?

Motivational Stories – Why Read Them?

What brings us to read motivational stories? There are spiritual needs within us that are satisfied by stories of other people in similar circumstances.

Was Jesus Christ An ‘Ancient Astronaut’?

The mythological and supernatural gods, even the monotheistic God, have been stripped of their mythological and supernatural status by those proposing that they were actually ‘humanly’ flawed flesh-and-blood beings ‘who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men’ (apologies for stealing Superman’s introduction). In other words, the gods (including God) were ‘ancient astronauts’. One being not usually cited in the ‘ancient astronaut’ literature is Jesus Christ. However, I see no reason to exclude him from consideration and speculation.

The Popularity Of A Meditating Buddha Statue

Many authors are stating that the Meditating Buddha Statue is one of the most popular statues used in home altars and smaller temple shrines. I believe it is this way because this statues symbolism has the broadest message and all inclusive appeal. As I understand it, the meditating Buddha Statue symbolizes a person’s intent to reach enlightenment and turning one’s attention inward.

Why Is the Cantor Called the “Chazzan?”

Strangely enough the origin of the name is entirely unclear. Although the name Chazzan, or Hazzan, is in almost universal use for the leader of the services in the synagogue, there are different theories where the name comes from.

Learning To Deal With The Effects Of Hurtful Words Through The Eyes Of The Recipient

Stop what you are doing and think back to when someone said some hurtful things to you or about you that cut deep like a sharp knife cutting through a honey baked ham during Christmas dinner. I bet they are easy to remember. Each vivid detail is played over and over again in your head like a movie playing at different times in the theater.

Do Pets Have A Spirit And Soul? You Will Be Surprised!

Your cat, dog, or other pet does have a soul, according to the biblical definition of spirit, soul, and body. Recent studies prove essence of the definition to be equally relevant to humans AND to their valued animals.

How Faith As Small As a Mustard Seed Can Move Mountains

Small and large are relative terms when it comes to faith. We cannot judge the size of our faith, and often misjudge our personal obstacle mountains. The most important thing is to trust the Lord. Most people only have smidgens of faith when they obey the gospel. As you keep studying the word of God and doing what you can for his cause, your faith will grow, and you will continue to be acceptable to God.

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