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Miracle Healing in Africa


Miracle Healing in Africa

In the Christian faith, the person is divided into two parts: the body and the soul. As the Bible says, Christ came to save the human soul and raise up the body, and it is these two parts of the person that are celebrated in sacraments. The church recognizes this principle, and the sacrament of anointing the sick is one of those parts. The Greek word sozo means “bodily resurrection,” and it also refers to the healing power of the priest.

Christians have long understood that one of the primary functions of Christianity is to heal the sick and provide them with hope. Miracles have been a significant part of the Christian experience in Africa. According to Craig Keener’s two-volume Miracles: A Global Perspective, Christians in Africa have experienced numerous miracles. In fact, one may argue that miracles are a fundamental element of the Christian experience in Africa. However, the Christian community’s view of miracles is somewhat conflicting.

Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that God is not angry with them because of their sins. He is a holy God who wants to help his people. He created the Church so that His people would be able to worship Him and live in peace. As such, the Church is the first outpost of God’s Kingdom across the whole of creation. However, the Church is not a universal religion; it is a particular religion.

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