Dropping the “G” Bomb

There’s one thing from a Christian’s perspective that hurts a great deal in relation to the world and how it often treats God. It’s the seemingly standard exclamation of, ‘Oh, my god!’… a.k.a. “OMG,” or the “G” bomb.

Jesus Christ – His Genealogy (Part I – Per Matthew and Luke)

This article discusses thoroughly and settles (finally) the age old question of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Of the two listed in the New Testament, only one can be that through which the Jew’s Messiah and the Christian’s Christ was born.

Is Richard Dawkins Smarter Than Jesus?

Discussion on why Richard Dawkins is a good example of someone who should think twice before opening mouth, inserting foot and pretending that Isaiah, Jesus and virtually every major scientist, human rights advocate, author, aritst and other intellectual known to history was delusional. Jesus taught that treating other people like we want them to treat us is the sum of all wisdom; does Richard Dawkins have a better foundation for human rights?

Jesus Taught Torah

It is so sad that millions of people today deny the Torah. Jesus never denied the Words of Moses. He taught the spiritual aspect of the Torah, but sometimes even his disciples did not understand or discern the spiritual truth that he taught.

More About Bible Software and a List of Bible CDs

Reading the Bible is one way to explore literature and understand history. Now, Bible teachers and scholars can find great bible software to help with their pursuit.

Voice of the Flying Eagle

I received some revelation recently that was in reference to the last verse of the 8th chapter of Revelation. So I opened my bible to that chapter and read it. Wow! That is some awesome material. Assuming that chapter is for real and true, then we are in for some really, really bad stuff.

The Failure of Christianity

As a religion Christianity has spread across the face of the globe changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people… so how could there be failure in that? If you are 100% satisfied in your Christian religion and find that all your spiritual needs are met then you may wish to stop reading right now.

The Word – Torah Made Flesh

Creator saw how man evolved in the time of Noah, and He decided to destroy most of them. He saved Noah and his family. Now man is again as he was in the time of Noah.

Seeds of Thought For Abundant Blessings

Often times we think that we have to do something extra ordinary to receive abundant blessings. Somehow we have been mislead into believing that in order to receive something great from God that we have to first do something great. In fact the very opposite is true. We are never required to do anything out of our area of influence or normal capabilities.

New Shocking Truth About How to Have the True Relationship With Christ!

Believing and having faith in the Lord Jesus is very easy to proclaim. Do you know that the bad angels we commonly know as demons have faith in God, too? Don’t you think that having faith alone is not enough to guarantee man’s salvation? Don’t you think it’s much too easy to proclaim a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and then gain eternal salvation?

Song of Moses Overcomes Beast

How can the Song of Moses overcome the Beast of the biblical book of Revelation? What is the Song of Moses?

Kingdoms of Judah and Israel

Our heavenly Father caused it to happen that the Ten Northern tribes of Israel became one kingdom, and Judah along with Benjamin became a separate kingdom. The Ten Northern tribes were later scattered, but Judah is now in the land of Israel. They are the current day Jews.

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