Healed from Excruciating Pain the Doctors could not future out or help

Go Out and Make Disciples

Have you ever tried to evangelize someone? To share your faith in Christ with another person? Do you feel confident that you know how to do it? This article will help you evangelize people to Jesus.

Carrying Your Cross

Jesus once said, Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. (Mark 8:34). There are two basic interpretations of this verse but only one of the them tends to be mentioned. Read and discover them both in a new light.

Responding to the Call to Evangelize

The gospel really does have the power to save and redeem. It’s something that each of us can experience. And it’s something that each of us is called to proclaim. This is a “how to” Article that will help you respond to God’s call to Evangelize

The Makah Religion – Ramadan Day Four

Fasting in the month of Ramadan requires the examination of all aspects of the Qur’an. One of those aspects is the area of the martyr who makes the ultimate sacrifice in jihad. It’s extremely important to properly define what jihad truly is. The word in Arabic literally means struggle. Yet, many are afraid to discuss the subject. We as students and believers of the Qur’an know that Allah placed mankind on earth partly to prove our worth as successful members of His creation that can adequately maintain, and protect that which He has ordained as such. Due to this reason we are strongly encouraged to strive and struggle with all at our disposal to ensure that correct and just systems are instituted to maintain the harmony He details in the Qur’an. As a result, Allah details how those who achieve this standard while making the ultimate sacrifice should be remembered.

Confronting Racism in the Hearts of Some Muslims

All too often Muslim African Americans have been taught to de-emphasize race. This is done primarily to avoid being seen as nationalistic or racist thus going against the very teachings of Al Islam itself. However, to de-emphasize race is to also de-emphasize the conditions directed onto a community borne from the most powerful racism (in America this is called white supremacy) such as police brutality, employment discrimination, and an unjust and very biased legal system that often mistreats the poor and downtrodden just to name a few.

How to Know God’s Will

Do you know the will of God? What is God’s will for you? Are you lined up with God? This article tells you how to be in God’s will.

Is Divine Healing For All?

This is a controversial question. Some believe God heals only a select few, while others teach He heals all who have sufficient faith.

The Makah Religion – Ramadan Day Three

On this third day of Ramadan, I’m choosing to focus on the second part of the first pillar of Al Islam which is to believe in one’s heart and testify through one’s speech and actions that “there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is His Last Prophet and Messenger.” When Allah is clearly explained to mean the Creator of all things we know and don’t know as merely to be an Arabic name which only means God in English, most persons unfamiliar with Al Islam have no problem agreeing with the first…

Did Jesus Preach That All Christians Are Created Equal?

Amazing but true…We need no longer go by the KJV Bible or the out of date Holiness Christians! Eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy life to the full, laugh and have a good time. That is…until you die. Then what?

Tapping Into the Kingdom!

Here is a principle that you can gauge any situation by. When things are out of order and confusion is there, that’s where ignorance reigns. Since satan is called the prince of this world and that this world is in darkness, satan is the the first one to be ignorant. Here then is your clue for discerning origins of who is behind a thing or circumstance. If the situation you’re facing is out of order and of a confusing nature, satan is Lording over that situation.

The Stunning Unity Within All Religions

All religions have two aspects: an external (exoteric) teaching, and an internal (esoteric) teaching. The external teaching describes historical events, and asks people to (1) believe that the history is accurate, (2) have faith in various claims that are made in the narrative, and (3) learn certain lessons about social morality and ethics that the stories exemplify. The stories and claims of the different traditions, as we know, are very different.

Separated From God

God knows everything, hears and sees everything. If He doesn’t act on our behalf, it is not because He isn’t able to, it is simply because He has chosen not to because of our rebellion and stubborn refusal to obey Him.

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