Healed of Covid Lasting Problems & Delivered from the spirit of Control & Disappointment

Words of Revelation and Exhortation – 2

This is an Article about sowing seeds with great expectation of receiving a harvest. For every harvest that we receive we should sow a seed from it to ensure that a harvest is always on it’s way to us.

Train a Child in the Way He Should Go

Just as God knows the number of hairs on our head and the number of days of our earthly lives, He also knew us before we were born. Look around you.

Are You a Foolish Virgin – What Makes a Person a Foolish Virgin?

If you are honest with yourself you have never heard what makes a person a foolish virgin in a sermon. You might be different to me and you have heard a pastor say what he thinks it is and in that case you might want to check whether I say it is the same thing. When it came to the parables of Jesus no pastor seemed to be able to answer my questions and the Holy Spirit needed to teach me.

Todd Bentley – Is He Anointed by God?

There are may people preaching the Word of God these days. There exists thousands of messages on YouTube that you can listen to by men and women of God. There are thousands of Christian books that are available to be bought at your book stores. One way that I know the anointing on a person’s life is if I get bored with what I am watching or what I am reading. Let me talk about Todd.

An Example of God’s Strength Being Made Perfect in My Weakness

You may read in Paul’s letters that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness and wonder like I did for many years how that could be so. If you have wondered about that passage I am sure you like me, are not the only ones. So as I look back on the past four years of my life I can see a testimony of how God’s strength was made prefect in my weakness.

When is Jesus Going to Still the Storm in Your Life?

We all remember when the disciples went out on the lake with Jesus and the storm came up while Jesus was sleeping. They woke Jesus and he told the storm to be still. Do you think that it can be the same way in your life when the storms come? Do you think Jesus can solve the turmoil in your life?

What Does the Bible Say About Birth Control Pills?

Much depends on how and why birth control pills are used. It is very hard to fool “mother nature.” The best birth control is the natural process God has given us. A woman cannot get pregnant when no sex is involved.

Todd Bentley – Does Adultery and Re-Marriage Discount Him As an Evangelist?

Many people have discounted Todd as a preacher and say that a man of God cannot leave his wife and marry another lady and continue in ministry. Some of these people already had issues with Todd Bentley and this is just one more thing they despise him for, but what is my honest opinion of all of this?

So What Does the Last Shall Be First Really Mean in Today’s World?

You have heard Jesus say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. What does it men for the last to be first? Does it mean we have to come last in life and have a hard life to be first in the Kingdom of God or does it have another meaning that was can all aim to achieve if we put our mind to it?

Will God Judge Or Will He Forgive America?

For years I have taken a hard line and believed in God that judges. For years I was reading the Old testament prophets, all I saw was God judging the world, and all I could see is America being Babylon. I had no grace in me and had no wish for a country to be saved through grace and preaching. Things have changed now in my attitude yet I still fear for the USA…

What to Do When Persecution Comes From Others in the Church

You might never consider it, but one of the most volatile places for personal and spiritual attack comes from the church. The church is full of people stuck in their ways, stuck in unbelief and false teaching and when someone moves in the Holy Spirit it can scare them and they can lash out. It may take you be surprise, you may have your name and reputation maligned, and they may be ruthless in their attack. So what should you do?

Todd Bentley – What is His Future in God?

Many people would like to think that they have seen the last of Todd Bentley. It seems Todd has a lot of outspoken critics and there are a lot of religious people who have a vested interest in saying bad things about him. But Todd is from God, anointed by God and Lakeland was not the last of Todd.

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