The End Time Draws Near

The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is written down for us in word pictures, the best the Apostle John could describe in the book of Revelation: a New Testament work without compare. It speaks of a time to come, a time drawing ever nearer, indeed close, today.

Yearning for Foreverland

Sometimes, we feel an ache for something we can’t quite put our fingers on…a desire for another place…a Foreverland. The fact is, God placed that yearning in our hearts for heaven so that when the going gets tough, we can see beyond this fallen world.

Are You Afraid To Die?

Humans struggle with many phobias. One of our greatest fears is the fear of death. How can our fear of death be conquered?

The Impending Fall of Iran

Iran is a mere months away from acquiring nuclear weapons; yet, the stage appears to be set for the impending fall of the Persian regime. Due to the alignment of critical factors, the fall of that regime will most likely be a key event to prepare for the fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy.

Regarding the Eucharist

An ancient Hebrew tradition exists whereby a small portion of the last batch of anointing oil is held in reserve and then blended into each new batch of anointing oil. The Eucharist is intimately connected to that tradition. This article explores that relationship.

Zealots Gone Wild

The eons that we were in the proverbial desert, exile, we were powerless and to be sure victimized. That didn’t mean that we didn’t have the potential to bring harm and suffering to others; we may have had the motive but not the opportunity; Purim, the exception to the rule, is the annual joyful, almost ecstatic retelling in detail of our first pogrom with the ‘other” being on the receiving end. And while we celebrate the Chanukah story let us not forget that the Maccabees were zealots and in the commission of their vision they slaughtered Jews that were comfortable with and adapted well to Hellenistic culture. One wonders whether zealotry is in our DNA.

Living in the Land of Beginning Again

Just like the authors of the poems and the song about the land of beginning again, most of us at some point in our lives would like to go “where all our mistakes and all our heartaches and all of our poor selfish grief could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never put on again” and “wish there was a way to start again… [where] all things are new [and] the slate is clean.”

2012: A Year of Thanksgiving and Praise

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Most resolutions fail. This year I decided to make a New Year’s Declaration instead. I have decided to declare 2012 a Year of Thanksgiving and Praise. Each day I will choose something to be thankful for. What are you thankful for today?

The Chinese New Year and Christianity

My granddaughter was born in China. I have been to China and think it is a remarkable country, but my interest in Chinese traditions, especially the Chinese New Year, was sparked because of my love for this precious little girl.

Sunrise on Christmas Day

People around the world look forward to sunrise on Christmas day with eager anticipation, especially young ones. Children who have been told that they cannot look under the Christmas tree until after sunrise can hardly wait for the sun to come up. They hardly sleep the night before and when the slightest hint of light comes out in the morning, they run to their parents and ask, “May I get up now? May I see what Santa brought?”

How to Be Strong in the Lord

If we want to be victorious in life, we cannot live merely in our own strength, but we must learn how to be strong in the Lord. This article explains what it means to be strong in the Lord and what is the key to our becoming strong in Him.

Discerning the Ministry Motive

There is surely one central test of any minister of Christ. It’s the want implicit of motive toward self-gain will mark the minister as not just a sinner, as all ministers are, but a thief of the worst kind: one who would gain the trust of impressionable ones and lead them as if lambs to the slaughter at the shepherd-ship of a ravenously cunning wolf, hungry for success.

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