The Real Difference Between Baptism Vs Christening

There are a lot of different answers, depending on who you ask, when it comes to the difference between baptism and christening. Most of these answers are incomplete or just plain WRONG.

Favor From the Holy Spirit and the Three Anointing Levels

This article discusses the three anointing levels and how the Holy Spirit endues you with power and how the power is released in each anointing level. Find out who gets anointed and for what purpose.

How You Can Know Jesus Christ Personally

Did you know that you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ right now? Even beginning today, you can get to know Him. Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, and the spirit of God, all rolled up into one person.

Covenanting – A Distinguishing Practice of Our Reforming Ancestors (Following the Biblical Example)

Nothing so much distinguished our ancestors, as their public covenanting with God. Divinely assured, that, in the days of Moses, Joshua, Asa, Joash, Josiah, and Nehemiah, the Hebrews had, with his approbation, thus dedicated themselves and their seed to the Lord. Convinced that public covenanting is no where, in the sacred page, represented as a ceremonial service, and so must be equally lawful under the New dispensation as under the old.

Children’s Liturgy – Excite Your Students With This Bible Activity

Use this Bible activity to explain an important part of developing a fulfilling relationship with. With this interactive Bible lesson, you’re sure to catch the attention of your children’s liturgy students.

When We Die, Do We Really Get to Choose Our Next Life’s Experience and Reincarnate?

Ever wondered what the difference is between your Spirit and your Soul? Ever wondered what The Council of Elders are? Ever wondered if we really reincarnate and how it happens? This article will give you many answers.

The Blasphemous Arrogance of the Statement – I Have Accepted Jesus As My Saviour – Explained

What makes the statement: “I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour” so evil and blasphemously wrong? I mean, it sounds so wonderful doesn’t it – all very holy, righteous and pious (whatever that means)? Even if we look at it from a secular view point, I am sure many of them would say it sounds harmless enough, and just consider it religious mumbo jumbo and all part of the delusional religious mind set, but what about The Truth of it?

Where False Religion All Began

Just east of Eden was the birthplace of the world’s pseudo religions. It all started with a collection in a very small church.

How Do You Get Saved?

You are saved from the negativity and all the bad things that this world has to offer. You are saved from going to hell, a place I am certain you don’t want to go.

How to Correctly Read the Bible

You must look at the Bible as God’s answers to your prayers. Many have missed this important concept when reading the Bible. You must understand that the Bible is God in written words. So when you are reading, you are actually communicating with God Himself.

Try Not to Judge Other People Or Else You May Wake Up Being Judged by Others in the Same Way

We find a very similar statement in scripture that Jesus said when he commanded us not to judge. This is a look at judging.

Why the Virgin Mary Matters in Spiritual Life

Is the Virgin Mary necessary to spiritual life? Many non-Catholics are discovering the need for the Virgin Mary in their own lives – and are leading happier, fuller lives in the process.

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