Buddhism 101 – Your Top 4 Buddhism Related Questions Demystified

You are about to learn the basics of Buddhism and discover the answers to the top 4 most common Buddhism related questions. Who is Buddha? A prince was born around 563 B.

Buddha’s Teachings – Top 5 Spiritual Lessons Learned From Buddha Teachings

Buddha’s core teachings are about enlightenment or awakening as the result of one’s own experience. According to Buddhism, enlightenment can free a person from craving or desire, suffering and rebirth.

God’s Answer to Prayers – A Spiritual Reality

The truth of God’s answer to prayers does not always appear to be real, true or feasible to the physical or natural men. The reasons are the invisibility of God and the fact that the physical manifestation of His answer or answer to prayers is not always immediate which makes the physical or natural men not to readily believe that He answers them when they pray.

Christ’s Promises and Declarations – A Spiritual Reality

There are many or several promises or declarations of Christ Jesus to or in favour of His believers that do not readily appear naturally or physically true, real or feasible and yet they are as true, real and feasible as anything. On the surface, to the ordinary or physical eyes or person, those things (promises or declarations) are not seen and are not easily believed to be true, real or feasible. But when received with true faith, childlike faith, such promises or declarations translate into great and wonderful physical realities.

The Church As Body of Christ – A Spiritual Reality

It is unfortunate that the Church has not come to believe, appreciate and see herself as The Body of Christ which she is, and act that way. Meanwhile, some individuals, groups or congregations may be seeing themselves and act as bodies of Christ unilaterally, without reference to or recognition of any or some others. The truth remains that only one part or some parts of a body cannot make a whole body. It takes all the components.

Fun Bible Lessons For Kids – 3 Keys to Unlock Your Creativity

What goes into creating fun Bible lessons for kids? Can you do it yourself? Yes, but don’t! You’ll find out why in the 3 keys that I share with you in this article. Let’s get started!

All Things Easter (Okay, Some of ’em)

Good Friday or Good Wednesday? How many resurrection accounts are there in Scripture and elsewhere? Far too many Christians are completely unaware of the truths contained in God’s Word. Perhaps this article will help.

Curses and Blessings – A Spiritual Reality

It is unfortunate that many in the world have fallen victim of curses of men, spirits and even God and missed the great benefits of blessings that men and God pronounced upon them, because of ignorance or lightness of mind. This article is an eye-opener for people to read and become fully informed of what curses can do in people’s lives.

The Sinner Being Dead – A Spiritual Reality

The Bible has so many statements or revelations about the deadness of the sinner. We should understand that when we talk of ‘The Sinner or A Sinner’, we are not referring to an already saved person, whose sins have been washed away by the Blood of Jesus through his/her repentance from sin and faith in Christ’s Cross, who occasionally stumbles and does something wrong which he/she quickly repents of, confesses to God, pleads the blood of Jesus and obtains an immediate pardon. This articles address the confusion that arises when a sinner is said to be a dead person.

Buddhism – Too Real For Americans?

Similar to Christianity, Buddhism has many branches. The original doctrine that the Buddha taught his monks is called the Theravada or the Teaching of the Elders, but this very deep teaching may be too strange and frightening for everyday Americans.

God’s Word As a Sword – A Spiritual Reality

The word of God is presented in the Bible as both the sword of the Spirit of God and that of the believer or child of God. The word of God is as real a sword (spiritual sword) as the physical sword used by human warriors, especially in the old time.

My Adventures as a Fulltime Missionary

I became full time missionary at the age of 21. I knew that God was calling me into His Service Fulltime.

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