First Communion Symbols

First Communion has been an important part of being a Catholic. Let us understand the symbols that we often see during this much celebrated rite of passage.

No, You Don’t Have to See You Wearing a White Dress!

Now, men tend to feel uncomfortable with this “bridegroom-bride” romantic language. It’s absolutely normal. “Leave that bridegroom stuff for the women” they say. I understand; we guys tend to enjoy wild dangerous battles with lots of blood and thrilling adventures.

Could This Be the Most Important Question of Your Life?

Two thousand years ago, in the region of Caesarea Philippi, twelve ordinary men were enjoying the challenging adventure of following the God Man. There was trouble ahead. Jesus knew the hearts of men; He also knew where He came from and where He was going. The time seemed appropriate to ask a very important question. The right answer to this question would establish the foundation of a world changing movement and shape the minds of billions…

Islamophobia Gone Mad

The internet is a great place for harvesting knowledge. It is also the world’s primary repository of virtual rubbish and misinformation, and it seems to be a mechanism of unparalleled efficiency when it comes to spreading prejudice.

The Danish Prophet of an Alternative Religion – Martinus Thomsen

Martinus Thomsen was born on the 11th of August 1890 as the natural son of a woman who never disclosed the name of his father. He grew up with his foster parents on a small farm, never had any education except for elementary school.

Are Earthquakes a Sign of the End of Time?

The Bible tells us of signs of the end of time. This article will tell you what some of them are. After reading this article, you can decide for yourself if you agree that we are approaching the end of time. Earthquakes can be a sign of what is coming.

The True Meaning of Christmas – What Does the Meaning Offer Men and Women in America Today?

Christmas: The word is from an ancient Catholic term which means to mass around Christ, or to gather around Christ. Hence we have the word Christmas, “Christ-mass”. Although many of the common traditions of modern societies may be held in question as to whether their roots, and their acting out are in accordance with the true Christian faith, it is completely and obviously true that to gather around Christ is entirely the intention of the eternal God.

The Christians’ Belief in God

I once worked with a believing Christian boss who abhors the word “boss” like plague. He prefers to be interpreted as a leader.

The Obedience of Christian Children

The story of Genesis chapter 22 is a clear example of a Christian child’s obedience. Abraham was asked by God to give Isaac as a sacrificial Lamb. Let’s focus on the obedience of Isaac and not just on that of Abraham alone.

How the Christians Resolve Issues

It’s no use for a Christian to ask God for other things when he has yet to settle with the people he should forgive or those from whom he should ask for forgiveness. Jesus wasn’t silent on this as He said: “So if you are offering gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the alter and go…be reconciled to your brother…Make friends quickly with your accuser, while you are going with him to court…” (Matthew 5: 23-25RSV).

Should Christian Pastors’ Wives Preach?

The other day as I was turning the final bend that leads to my house I heard disorderly and uncontrolled voices locked in an argument. They were Christians, men and women.

How to Raise Christian Children

Married Christian couples yearn for having a child soon after their marriage is consummated. Surely, when it does seem that a child is taking too long to come, the couples become seriously worried. Close family relations and friends from far and near are left startled wondering what the matter is.

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